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Top 3 Skin Care Trends for a Fresh Face this Fall

October 22, 2020

Top 3 Skin Care Trends for a Fresh Face in the Fall by Timeless Skin Care

While we come to grips with the ‘new normal’, the changing of the season still ushers in rites of passage that even a pandemic can’t spoil. This fall, we can still celebrate the brilliant turning of leaves and shorter crisp days, as well as indulge in this season’s latest fashion and beauty trends!   

Judging by the serious pops of colored suits and trenches, fashion means business this season, and beauty is backing it up with bold statement eyes. But for those still working from home, and wearing a mask when out, many of us are foregoing a full makeup look and focusing on clean, healthy skin instead. Here, we’ve rounded up our top 3 favorite skincare trends to achieve your perfect fresh face for fall. And of course, we’ve included our favorite Timeless products to go with each one! 

Holistic Approach to Beauty

Supporting our physical, mental and emotional well-being is a big trend this season. At-home facials are a great way to unwind as part of a self-care regimen. To help achieve that spa-like facial, try the Micro Needle Dermaroller . The tool effectively stimulates the skin’s renewal process by creating tiny channels in the skin with microscopic needles.

Application – Exfoliate: Roll the dermaroller across the chin, up and down the neck, as well as the cheeks, and across the forehead 3x.=

Anti-Pollution Skin Care

Air pollution is cited by the WHO as the world’s largest single environmental health risk. With air pollution on the rise, skin is even more at risk of looking dull, clogged and spotty.

Application – Protective Serums: A concentrated active ingredient serum , such as  Vitamin B5  can help heal, regulate oil production and soothe inflammation, helping to prevent future breakouts. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals and protect the skin, helping to brighten and clarify.  

Applying a protective oil , such as  Squalane  oil can also help. Naturally anti-bacterial, the oil works like a liquid bandage over the skin, providing a protective barrier. 

Simple, Clean Beauty Products

Transparency in skincare is becoming more important as consumers are more informed and conscientious about the ingredients that they are putting on their face, as well as the carbon footprint of the skincare products they’re purchasing. 

    Timeless Skin Care manufactures in-house in California, without the use of harsh chemicals, animal testing, fillers, parabens, dyes or fragrances. 

    Application – Scientifically advanced ingredients in simple formulas:  Try Coenzyme Q10  serum to energize the skin and build up the skin’s collagen and elastin for firmer, smoother skin. 

    Keep your skincare routine simple by combining Pure Line products, such as Hyaluronic Acid pure into your daytime moisturizer to re-hydrate skin cells, fortifying the skin’s natural lipid barriers and protecting the skin against environmental damages. 

    So go on and wear that bright mustard trench or chocolate brownie knit, knowing that your glowing skin is the perfect accessory to whatever else 2020 may have in store for us.   

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