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DIY-3 Kit
Create your personalized 3-product bundle and save!
DIY-5 Kit
Create your personalized 5-product bundle and save!
Timeless Skin Care has created a new way to build a personalized skin care routine. Meet our DIY-Kits - the fully customizeable skin care bundles. Our DIY-3 Kit is perfect for anyone looking to build a 3 step skin care routine with products that suite their skin type. Choose a serum, eye cream, and finishing oil of your choice for a full routine, or mix and match any 3 products. For a 5-Step skin care routine, try our DIY-5 Kit. Pick a hydrating spray, 2 serums, an eye cream, and a finishing oil of your choice, or freestyle with any 5 of your favorite products. If you need help choosing the products in your DIY-Kit, take the Timeless Skin Care Quiz or contact our team of estheticians at

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