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Our goal for sustainability is to always look for ways to innovate and reduce our carbon footprint. As part of our overall plan for “greenness”, we manufacture and package all our products locally and in small batches, as well as use glass packaging when possible, and offer economy size bottles. In recent years, we have taken additional steps to ensure that all Timeless Skin Care packaging can be recycled, by launching our Timeless Skin Care Recycling Program with TerraCycle. Click to learn more about our partnership with TerraCycle and how to recycle your products.

CEO and Founder Veronica Pedersen says, “We are committed to reducing the use of plastic and increasing sustainability through initiatives like TerraCycle. Long-term growth and success also means protecting our planet. This program represents an enormous opportunity to recycle half a million plastic bottles a year that are sold in the US.

Inspiring Women

Inspired by the women in her family, Veronica Pedersen, CEO, built Timeless Skin Care from scratch with her husband Alex Pedersen, and makes it a priority to help other women feel empowered to pursue their career goals. In 2019, Timeless Skin Care became the presenting partner for the LA Sparks #WeAreWomen campaign. The Sparks launched #WeAreWomen in 2015 to spotlight extraordinary female leaders excelling in business, entertainment, education, community service and other sectors. 85% of Timeless Skin Care employees and warehouse staff are women, something Pedersen said was important to sustain throughout the growth of her company. “As a collective effort, we as women can accomplish anything,” Pedersen said. “So #WeAreWomen was something very important for me to be a part of as a skin care company because I believe in what the Sparks are doing.”

Giving Back

As the company continues to grow on a global level and expand into new markets and new corners around the world, we are expanding our outreach and support in our local community as well. At Timeless, we understand that giving back and being of service is when we are our very “best selves”, and we are driven by the philosophy and mindset of, “doing the right thing”. What that means to us is to give back to the community we live and work in that has provided so much for us over the past 12 years. We encourage our employees and partners to give back and to make a positive impact in our community.

Timeless employees live this mission by donating their time, energy, and funds to worthwhile endeavors such as: funding and feeding the homeless, supporting and donating to local holiday toy drives, donating funds to scholarships to inner city high school entrepreneurial programs, raising funds for supported non-profits, local law enforcement agencies, local high schools, and of course youth sports organizations.

Community Partners

We are proud to have worked with and supported multiple organizations and look forward to further strengthening these relationships and working with and supporting new community partners.