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Spring is in the Air, time for a Skin Care Update!

March 15, 2020

Spring is in the Air, time for a Skin Care Update!

As winter releases its frosty grip and the days grow brighter and longer, March is the month of renewal. It’s a great time for a clean sweep, to reset your diet, organize your wardrobe and change up your skin care routine.

After all, that heavy -and not gonna lie- yummy comfort food, incorporating more spring-summer fruits, salads and smoothies are a great way to re-invigorate the digestive tract and pump up your metabolism! Go on and shrug yourself out from under that thick winter coat and reach for a t-shirt or sweet pastel blouse. And take a quick review of your skin care products. It’s time to spruce up that shelfie, move out heavy foundations and moisturizers and assess how the change in season might be affecting your skin.  

During the winter months, biting winds and colder air temperatures have a very drying effect on your face, making it harder to keep that rosy glow, (wind-chapped cheeks don’t count!). But as the air temperature warms up, so does the humidity factor, which can also play havoc with your skin.

So, what are some of the best defenses for your skin against a changing environment?

1st Review your Current Skincare Routine:

Review the products you are currently using and make note of any super stringent facial cleansers or physical exfoliators that could be stripping away your natural oils. Whether you have naturally oily or dry skin, you want to ensure a healthy skin barrier.
If you have been using a milky or creamy cleanser, you may want to switch it out for a lighter gel cleanser, as well as a lighter, water-based moisturizer.  
Alternate your moisture masks with a lighter facial oil at night such as Squalane, one of the best moisturizers for dry skin.

    2nd Bring Back the Toner:

    As the weather warms up, introducing a toner into your routine can help balance out combination skin and wipe away any residual impurities after your facial cleanser. In a nutshell, a toner is great for helping to balance your skin’s PH, shrinking pores to help reduce pollutants from entering the skin, while helping to remove dead skin cells.  

    3rd: Reach for a Serum:

    Layering lighter weight products such as serums will give you all the hydration you need. Serums are the most effective at targeting specific skin issues

    To help dampen oily breakouts, use products to combat inflammation, such as the Timeless Vitamin B 5 serum, known as “The Calmer”. This light-weight, oil-free serum calms and promotes healing of blemishes, scarring and redness. Layer with our favourite morning kick-starter serum, “The Essential” which is a lighter version of our 20% Vitamin C serum, but without the Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. The Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C serum is a go-to for brightening, protecting and clarifying the skin, while also increasing firmness.

    4th: Protect your Skin:  

    Check the expiration date of your SPF moisturizer to make sure it’s still effective. Remember to bump up your SPF factor if you’re going to be exposing your face directly.

    Indulge with a bouquet of fresh spring flowers, plant a garden and soak up some natural Vitamin D- you deserve it after a long hard winter!!

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