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Paraben free skin care products continue to grow in popularity as medical concerns are finally being confirmed by scientific research. We understand and recognize the dangers in which parabens may cause and take that extra step by ensuring our clients have access to a paraben free skin care solution.

Parabens Used for Product Preservation

Paraben Free Skin Care Product

Parabens are a collection of ingredients commonly used in personal care products and cosmetics for the purpose of preservation. Due to their effectiveness in the prevention of bacteria and fungi growth, a product's shelf life is enhanced. Many times, two or more parabens are used together in a product to extend the shelf life.

Numerous Dangers Linked to Parabens

There are numerous reasons for concerns with parabens. One of these, they are considered one of the main causes of contact dermatitis. They have also been known to cause allergic reactions. Hormonal balance can be disrupted in women as they tend to mimic our body's estrogen. This can be particularly concerning for women who are pregnant and adolescents. Most concerning, is the link to cancer, developmental disorders, and organ system toxicity.

Locating Paraben Free Skin Care Products

When searching out products for your daily beauty regime, you may be able to find paraben free serums at your local department store. Prior to making any purchase, however, be sure to carefully read the label. Some products point out how they are paraben free.

You want to find a paraben-free serum that has a great quality, and many times when looking in department stores this can become confusing. They have several different brands of products, many claiming to be all natural and paraben free. Let us relieve you of this confusion, by offering you the easiest way to shop for your paraben-free serum. All our products here at timeless Skin Care are all natural skin care product.

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