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How To Use A Face Serum As A Makeup Primer

March 31, 2017

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your makeup apply smoothly and look flawless, you might have considered using a makeup primer. The unfortunate news about many makeup primers, however, is that many of them aren’t all-natural, and quite a few of them contain ingredients that you shouldn’t be putting on your face. To get a beautiful look from your makeup, and to take good care of your skin at the same time, think about using a face serum as a makeup primer.

Many of our customers wonder how to use a face serum as a makeup primer. They don’t know if they should apply the serum first, before moisturizer, or put in on after their facial cream. To get the best results from using a face serum as a makeup primer, here’s what you do:

Wash As Usual

First, begin with a clean face. Wash your face as you usually would, with a natural and gentle facial cleanser. Try a face wash with natural botanicals that can clean and nourish at the same time. Whether you have dry or oily skin, you should be gently cleansing every morning.

Apply Your Facial Serum

Next, apply your facial serum as you typically would. You can use Timeless Skin Care’s Vitamin C Serum or Hyaluronic Serum, or any other serum we offer, depending on your skin’s unique needs. Apply an amount as stated on the product bottle.


After applying your facial serum, you will moisturize using one of Timeless Skin Care’s facial creams. All of our natural skin care products, including our facial creams, are lightweight and non-greasy, so you don’t have to worry about layering products.

Use a Bit More Serum as Your Primer

When you’re properly cleansed, and you’ve applied your serum and moisturizer, you will use just a bit more serum to act as your facial primer. Don’t skip the first serum application, as it needs to come after freshly washing your face so that the vitamins from the serum can deeply sink into your skin. The second application provides a layer of protection and it will be your makeup primer.

That’s it! No more wondering how to use a face serum as a makeup primer. After you’ve applied serum for the second time, you will have a silky and matte surface to apply foundation and powder, and you will have a nice canvas for blush and eye makeup too.

Now that you know the most effective way to use serum as a primer before putting on your makeup, we’d like to provide you with a few tips for making the most of your makeup so it doesn’t do more harm than good to your skin as well as your self-confidence.

Remove Your Makeup the Right Way

When you’re ready to remove your makeup, you want to do so carefully to avoid irritating your skin. Specifically, we recommend a baby wash, which is gentle on the skin of adults and babies alike. You can also look for face washes made specifically for washing away makeup.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Do yourself a huge favor and clean your brushes once a week with a gentle cleanser, just like the one you’d use to wash off your makeup. Makeup brushes come into contact with any bacteria, dead skin cells, acne and anything else on your face you might not be aware of. No matter how fresh and clean your skin might look, you never know what might be lingering there that you can’t see.

Use Aloe Vera

When you’re ready to remove your eye makeup, you’ll want to apply aloe vera to your fingertip and work it in circles to ease away your makeup. Following up with anti-wrinkle serums is a good idea after your eye makeup is off to prevent wrinkles from forming around your eyes. Using cucumber slices is another way to take good care of the skin around your eyes between applications of eye makeup.

Don’t Share Makeup

No matter how much you might love your friends, it’s best that you not share makeup with them. Remember all those impurities that can be on your skin we mentioned above? You don’t want to pass those onto your friends or slather your face in bacteria and other impurities from your friends’ faces.

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