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Every good skin care routine utilizes a multitude of products. It can be difficult to know how to find skin care products that complement one another. Choosing products that will work for you and not lead to greasy, oily skin is a challenge that many face. With a little help, you can learn how to layer skin care products without these negative side effects.

Identify Your Needs

If your skin is already prone to becoming oily or greasy without skin care products, this is something you will want to take note of. If dry skin is a common challenge, you will want to make sure to find the best skin care products for dry skin. Without properly identifying the needs of your skin, it is almost impossible to know which products will help without doing harm.

Find Your Products

Finding high quality skin care products that complement one another is a critical step in layering without suffering negative effects. Utilizing products that are inherently non-greasy is important. Products like our Vitamin C serum and Matrixyl 3000 serum are effective skin care allies for anti-aging and include non-greasy properties. If you use products that aren’t contributing to the oil and grease, the results will be visible in no time.


After you’ve found skin care products that complement one another, knowing how to properly layer the products will be the difference between a greasy appearance and a smooth, youthful glow. The first layer should be the product that is the thinnest. Generally, a serum will be thin and should be the first layer. Each layer thereafter should increase in thickness, with the final layer being the thickest product like a cream.

Having a skin care routine that addresses the specific needs of your skin and does not further contribute to the challenges is your best chance at achieving the skin you’ve always dreamed of. Know your skin, find the best products and apply them appropriately, and watch as your skin starts to look and feel better.