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The key to great skin is balance – a balanced diet, a balanced Ph, and the delicate balance between your daily makeup regimen and your skin care routine. In a perfect world, you would spend as much time choosing and using the best skin care products as you spend buying and applying your makeup.

Nighttime Is the Right Time

You can undo the ill effects of makeup, which can attract and absorb harsh pollutants from the air like smog and (yikes!) brake dust, by devoting your overnight rest period to rejuvenating your skin. This is now possible, thanks to the advent of the anti-aging facial night serum. Skin care serums are all-natural formulations with organic ingredients to gently nurture and heal stressed skin, now available at drug-store prices, so you can reap the benefits of a collagen boosting facial in your own home, for a fraction of the cost. Studies have shown that a high-quality facial night serum can boost collagen synthesis up to 350%, as well as replenish your natural elastin and hyaluronic acid. When you wake up, your skin will not only look younger, it will actually be younger than it was when you went to sleep!

Your Eyes Are the Prize

Argan Oil: The eye area is central to your look, and many women cake their eyes with a lot of makeup. That’s okay, as long as you remove it gently, using a mild non-drying cleanser, because the skin around your eyes is ten times finer than the rest of your face. Always use the best skin care products on your eye area, and never fall asleep before you thoroughly wash off your makeup, especially the eye makeup. Facial makeup left on overnight will grind dirt, oils, and cosmetic residue into your pillowcase and your pores; eye makeup will cause new creases and crows’ feet if you don’t wash it off before bedtime. To firm and tone the thin skin around your eyes, use a rich hydrating eye cream, preferably an eye cream with hyaluronic acid in a non-oily base that refreshes your skin.

In order to balance your makeup routine with the best skin care products, follow our advice and live your life to the fullest during the day by putting your best face forward – and then spend your nights turning back the clock with age-defying facial night serum.