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Affordable Skincare Products in the Face of the Pandemic

April 03, 2020

hyaluronic acid 100% pure timeless skin care

With the COVID-19 pandemic wiping out the structure of our lives as we know it, our daily home life is more important than ever: simple rituals like skincare are taking on new significance. As Business Insider notes in their article titled, “If I’m going to cocoon, better come out a butterfly”, people in lockdown are turning to skincare as a source of normalcy. It’s a part of our lives that we can keep intact. 


Yep, a great skincare routine is something we can hold on to in the wake of so many unknowns. But as we hole up in our homes, technology our new best friend, those filter-free cameras used for Zoom and Facetime unveil new surprises. Whether its for work, to keep in touch with loved ones or to stave off imminent boredom, these video chats literally force us to face ourselves.


It could just be the lighting or the angle, but let’s face it, those are bags, sags and lines we never knew we had until now. Developing the best skincare routine during this period of self-isolation, and emerging healthier, well rested and younger-looking than pre-COVID-19 – those are uplifting #skingoals in these scary, uncertain times. 


With so much time on our hands, and so much less disposable income, one of the easiest, most affordable and effective products to integrate into your best skincare routine is from the Timeless Pure Line. 

There are three different skin-loving essentials that can give a boost to your skin, depending on your type and how you use them. And the best part? All of them come in 1 oz glass bottles for under $10, or in larger 2 oz bottles for under $15. Use them as an addition to your day and night cream moisturizer to help extend the life of those products while also revealing a more glowing hydrated face. 

1. The 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum, is called “The Hydrator” because of HA’s superpower ability to attract and retain optimal moisture levels for a hydrated face. This is great to use for any skin type, right after cleansing or toning and before putting on your moisturizer to seal in the hydration.

2. Argan oil is a 100% pure oil known for its amazing healing and repairing properties, that works well for nails, hair, hands and feet, as well as the face. It is packed with omega fatty acids, and also Vitamin E, so it may cause more oily skin to break out. 

3. Squalane is another light-weight 100% pure oil derived from olives that is anti-bacterial, making it ideal for acne-prone skin, while also protecting against pollutants. As a ‘dry oil’ Squalane is also ideal for helping to set your makeup (for those of us still bothering!), and works well with all skin types. 

Timeless Skin Care is excited to introduce new gorgeous bamboo toppers and opaque glass packaging for our Argan Oil, Squalane and 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum. We hope you like them too 😊 !

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