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A Timeless Trip to New York City

April 21, 2020

A Timeless Trip to New York City

A Timeless Trip to New York City – Mecca of Beauty Mags

Remember life pre-Covid-19 when being ‘socially distant’ just meant he was not that into you? 

Before ‘social distancing’ entered our daily lexicon, back when jumping on a flight to NYC was still the best idea in the world, instead of the worst, Timeless CEO Veronica Pedersen spent a fabulous week in the Big Apple, meeting and greeting with magazine titans.

Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, GQ and The Oprah Magazine…these are the magazines that Timeless is appearing in for May, the official beauty issue for most, and in O’s case, the issue that marks their 20th year anniversary.

It also highlights a huge step for Timeless. After ten years of growing the brand organically, letting the products speak for themselves through word-of-mouth, testimonials, and online distribution, Timeless has made the leap onto the glossy pages of some of the world’s most recognized and revered magazines. Timeless is sold across the world, from the US to Europe to the Emirates, but up to now, has also been one of the best-kept global beauty secrets.

In 2009, husband and wife team, Alex and Veronica Pedersen founded Timeless Skin Care, with a mission to create advanced skin care solutions that are effective and affordable. The result is nine serums with high concentrations of active ingredients, along with two eye creams, four hydrating sprays and three Pure Line products. Many of these products are now proudly featured in their first ever magazine ads.

The Oprah Magazine was by far the most emotional and cathartic. There were tears, laughter and of course hugs as Veronica sat in that gorgeous board room in the iconic 100 years old Hearst Building at 57th and 8th. Veronica described starting the brand in their kitchen, with her husband Alex using his background in chemistry to develop a clean product using hyaluronic acid to address his acne. Today, Timeless now has two major manufacturing facilities as well as a brand-new corporate office in Newport Beach, California. Editors across the board were delighted with Veronica’s passion, down-to-earth sense of humour and ambition. May is the annual beauty magazine issue, and Timeless is delighted to appear in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Marie Claire and O.

As Oprah’s bestie and O’s editor-at-large Gayle King described in her recent interviews, the goal of the magazine is to serve as a “personal growth guide for women, to meet women where they are.” That is why Timeless, as a skin care brand built by Veronica, a Latina and daughter of Guatemalan immigrants who has come so far, could not be prouder to have Timeless take its places amongst the pages of such a heartfelt magazine, encapsulating the spirit of a woman, Oprah, who has inspired so many to “live their best life”.

This is Oprah’s 239th cover, something tells us that, while it may be Timeless’ first foray into magazine publication, it definitely won’t be their last.



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