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A Timeless Tribute to Mothers 

May 10, 2020

A Timeless Tribute to Mothers 

On Mother's Day, Timeless would like to acknowledge the huge impact mothers have around the world. Timeless CEO Veronica Pedersen and her husband Alex personally acknowledge the support and encouragement both their own mothers played in the creation of Timeless Skin Care. 

This year, Mother’s Day might look a little, or maybe a lot different than what families normally do to show their love and appreciation for that special mother figure. Treating mom to her favorite brunch or a relaxing day at the spa are off the table this year. While mothers are under more pressure and demands than ever before, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to treat Mom at home. 

  1. Order curbside pick up from her favorite restaurant. Many restaurants are putting together fabulous brunch or dinner meal kits together. All you have to do is lay the table, light a candle, maybe add a small floral vase and voila madame! 
  2. Give her the whole day, to herself! 
  3. Have the family fill out cards of all the reasons you love her, put it in a jar with a bow as a present. 
  4. Bake her a special treat, decorated by the kids. 
  5. Re-create the spa at home. This could include manicures and pedicures, a massage, specialty hot teas and of course some Timeless Products!     

As we thought about which products to include in our Mother’s Day Beauty Box, we chose active ingredient serums to address the most common skin concerns. Our skin often bears the brunt of what is going on in our lives. With mothers taking on more burden than ever before, caring for your skin, and keeping the face hydrated, clear and smooth can be even more challenging. Lack of sleep can cause our face to lose its lustre, precipitating that sagging feeling and loss of firmness, while stress and poor diet can play havoc with breakouts or cause extra dehydration and puffiness. 

Here are five products we specially curated to help mothers enjoy some extra pampering at home this year.   

  1. Our top-rated vitamin C serum, “The Brightener” - 20% Vitamin C+E Ferulic Acid Serum, for a mega dose of vitamin C to even out skin tone and build collagen.   
  2. “The Defender” - Coenzyme Q10 Serum, to fight the visible signs of aging.
  3. “The Calmer” - Vitamin B5 Serum to soothe and heal.
  4.  “The Hydrator” - Hyaluronic Acid 100% Pure to boost hydration.
  5.  “The Protector” - Squalane Oil as the finishing touch to your makeup. 

At Timeless we are constantly inspired by our customers; we love hearing about how Timeless has made a difference in changing the way you look and feel. We hope you enjoy a wonderful, relaxing weekend with your family and loves ones. Happy Mother’s Day! 

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