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5 Ways Your Skin Will Improve By Not Sleeping In Makeup

March 30, 2017

Rushing home in traffic after a long day, whipping up a quick dinner before curling into a ball in front of the computer, we’ve all been there. The days can be so tiring that by the time you get home, the last thing on your mind is washing your face. But what if you knew that 5 amazing things would happen to your skin if you stopped sleeping in makeup? All of a sudden, the few minutes it takes to wash your face seem doable. Save your skin by checking out 5 benefits to not sleeping in makeup:

1. Keep That Youthful Glow

Removing makeup before bed can be instrumental in slowing the aging process of the skin. Not only can the makeup lead to more wrinkles, but the repair and restoration that occurs while we sleep is affected. Layers of makeup prevent the shedding of skin cells and can dramatically interfere with this recovery period. Stay looking younger, longer by removing your makeup

2. Fight the Breakouts

There’s nothing worse than a breakout on your beautiful face. Clogging up the pores with makeup overnight can lead to acne. When you take the time to remove makeup before bed, you’ll see a visible difference in the amount of acne and pimples. One of the most amazing benefits to not sleeping in makeup.

3. Even out the Skin Tone

After a night with a face full of makeup, the skin can become inflamed leading to redness and irritation. Get rid of the blotchy skin by washing away all of the makeup before bed.

4. Keep it Moisturized

No matter how great your makeup feels in the morning, by the time the night rolls around your face is exhausted from fighting to retain its moisture. Removing makeup before bed allows your face to breathe and balance out its moisture levels while you sleep.

5. Clean the Slate

Experience a face with reduced irritation and stronger, smoother skin. Not sleeping in makeup allows your skin to heal itself so you can wake up with a clean slate every morning. Start the day with a fresh canvas and experience the benefits to not sleeping in makeup.

In addition to removing makeup before bed, it’s important to incorporate paraben free skin care products into your daily routine, like facial creams and the Matrixyl 3000 serum from Timeless.

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