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5 Best Skin Care Products That Target Anti-Aging

June 27, 2019

5 Best Skin Care Products That Target Anti-Aging

It can be hard to tell what products fit your needs when you shop anti-aging skincare supplies. There are a lot of claims made, and the best way to know you are getting something that will perform as expected is to know which compounds to look for as key active ingredients. In this rundown of the best anti-aging productson the market right now, the main considerations made were whether the product used clinically proven enzymes, nutrients, and moisturizers that promote healthy skin and whether they used the ones that show the best results for their stated goals. All these winners manage to do both very well. 

  1. Collagen-Boosting Coenzyme Serum 

The Coenzyme Q10 serum is a must-have for anyone looking to build an age-defying regimen, because it directly reenergizes skin cells with a compound that is naturally present, but that diminishes as people age. It’s been proven to make natural collagen and elastin production more robust, which helps produce healthier-looking skin with a natural glow. Direct application using a serum is recommended in order to avoid diluting the effect of the active ingredient and to make it easier to apply thoroughly to all the right areas.

What is Coenzyme Q10? If you’re not familiar with it, you’re not alone. It’s one of the newer innovations to hit the market with studies supporting its effectiveness. It’s been studied for years as a possible treatment for many health conditions, from heart disease to migraines. It has even been reviewed as a possible treatment for dental disease, all because this enzyme produced in the body and in most living creatures is linked to energy production and nutrient use in the cell. In skincare terms, it helps promote the production of compounds like collagen and elastin and supplementing it with a topical dose helps offset decreased production due to aging as you get older.

  1. Matrixyl 3000 Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

The benefits of hyaluronic acid for your skin are well documented, and it is one of the most studied and widely used products for the purpose of rejuvenating skin and boosting the production of natural enzymes and proteins that make skin healthy. While you could go with a serum that is just hyaluronic acid, upgrading to a Matrixyl 3000 serum that includes it will give you all the benefits you expect from one of the staple skincare ingredients and the upgraded effects of the Matrixyl 3000 formula.

Both Matrixyl and its successor have been shown to boost collagen and elastin production, and studies show they are most effective in formulation with other ingredients that help do the same. They are used widely by hundreds of companies across even more product lines, but the active ingredient is not always used at the recommended level. A combination serum with the proper level is a powerful tool for building healthy skin without wrinkles or heavy lines. 

  1. Pure Squalane Moisturizer 

Squalane is a natural compound found in human sebum, and its use as a stand-alone moisturizer is especially effective because of that fact. It absorbs naturally and smoothly into the skin without a greasy feeling, provides moisture the skin is built to absorb and use, and promotes elasticity, collagen building, and other signs of healthy skin. You can find it in many products as a support ingredient, including most moisturizers that include other anti-aging compounds like vitamin C or retinol.

Use it as an everyday moisturizer alongside your regular beauty routine to ensure your skin is optimally moisturized and ready to absorb beauty serum, and then enjoy the additional plumpness and glow that minimizes visible lines. If you are building your best anti-aging skin care routine,you need something like this to support your other products by keeping your skin moisturized throughout the day. It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue, because it’s a compound your skin recognizes and can make use of.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Facial Moisturizer Mists

As great as squalane can be for your skin, carrying around your pure squalane moisturizer isn’t always convenient, especially if you need to clean up and change quickly, like when you go to the gym. When you need an additional boost throughout the day and you want a convenient, quick-applying formula that won’t leave you with a residue but will promote a glowing complexion, using a hyaluronic acid facial mist ensures you have well-hydrated skin that supports your moisturizer throughout the day.

Many people mistake skin that isn’t properly hydrated for skin that isn’t properly moisturized and maintaining a balance of both qualities is essential to keeping your skin healthy. Where a moisturizer replenishes natural oils and other moisture-retaining compounds, a hydrator directly replenishes the skin’s water levels while nourishing its ability to maintain that hydration throughout the day.

Sometimes, drinking lots of water isn’t enough, and a direct face and body hydrator works with your existing moisturizer and hydration routine to make sure your skin has everything it needs to look its best. Facial mists apply quickly while ensuring even coverage and no missed spots. Use them in the morning to balance your moisturizer and hydration if you need an extra boost during your routine, then carry it with you for moments when you need a refresher throughout the day.


  1. Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid Serum 

It might seem like there are a lot of serum recommendations, but that’s because there’s a lot out there, and it isn’t always the best route to try to put too many active ingredients in one place when you could apply some in the morning and some at night, or apply more than one serum in a beauty session if you give them time to absorb. Each has its own purposes, so whether you rotate between them or find a way to work them all into your day, there’s a good reason to recommend so many of them. This serum provides the antioxidants that help your skin fight off damage from sources like UV rays.

It makes the moisture and collagen-boosting parts of your skin care routine more effective by providing the vitamins that help skin retain moisture and provide the building blocks to produce essential compounds like collagen, as well as the nutrition cells need to effectively resist damage. Ferulic acid helps boost the effects of the vitamin C, ensuring you get the most out of your antioxidant serum. If you are using multiple serum formulas in a single session, use Vitamin C just before your sunscreen for the best effect.

Don’t Forget the Basics!

Just because these are the top products for skincare that target anti-aging benefits doesn’t mean they are the only products you need. It’s essential that you build them into a routine that already follows the right basic steps to ensure your skin is protected and supported. If you are working with serums for the first time, then it’s important to know when to use them in your routine and whether to use them in the morning, at night, or both times of day, in addition to which products you can use on the go when you need a little support to stay comfortable.

In the morning, it’s essential that you start with a cleanser first, to prepare your skin for the other products you’ll use. After that:

  • Use a moisturizer immediately after the cleanser, to replenish any moisture lost overnight or from the cleanser application. Properly moisturized skin absorbs other products better. The recommended squalane moisturizer works well here.
  • Apply your serum for morning. Avoid products like retinol that make the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays unless they are specifically presented in a formula for daytime use. Instead, use hydration-promoting serum like the recommended Matrixyl 3000 or Coenzyme Q10 formulas.
  • End with either a sunscreen that contains vitamin C enrichment or a product like the vitamin C and ferulic acid serum followed by your sunscreen. Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant with a wide range of positive effects on the skin, and sunscreen should be used daily to protect from the sun’s UV rays.

In the evening, your routine will be similar except you won’t need the sunscreen. Instead, you can use night-time formulas like retinol creams to round out your routine and get your skin ready for your rest cycle. 

Finding the Right Balance for Your Skin 

Anti-aging serumsare built to address specific needs your skin has, and they’re the most direct and concentrated way to apply the key active ingredients that have been shown to consistently deliver results by targeting the core causes of visible aging. Those causes are a lack of moisture, low collagen and elastin production, and lack of hydration, along with any possible sun damage that has accumulated from uneven sunscreen use. 

If you aren’t seeing the results you want from one serum, it could be supporting nutrients your skin has in abundance, or you could need another nutrient supported before your skin can make use of it. That’s why so many people who are serious about beauty rotate between serums to keep their skin balanced and ensure all their products work effectively.

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