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Your New Secret Weapon for Summer Skin

Has dry weather got your skin feeling parched? Do you notice that your skin’s natural glow turns dull in the middle of the day? If you are looking for a way to give your face a quick pick-me-up, refreshing HA MATRIXYL 3000 facial mists can help. Lightweight mists are applied to the face using a spray bottle. They dry in a few seconds and don’t require any additional washing. Find out what types of sprays we have available and how they can perk up your complexion.

Setting Spray

Setting sprays help set your makeup in place so you can look pretty and polished for the entire day. Spray it on after you have put on all your makeup to lock eye shadow, lipstick, blush, and other cosmetics in place.

Hydrating Spray

Hydrating spray helps treat dry skin on the fly. Spray it on to feel immediate relief from dry skin. Good hydrating sprays penetrate the skin quickly and don’t leave any greasy residue behind. They are perfect for using in conjunction with your favorite lotion or facial moisturizer.

Energizing Spray

Energizing sprays are jacks of all trades. They often provide a small amount of hydration and sun protection, but their primary job is soothing and refreshing the face. Mist them on when you are feeling stressed and let them melt the tension away.

Firming Spray

Firming sprays contain anti-wrinkle ingredients to give you a mini-facelift every time you spray them on. If your skin looks saggy and tired in the middle of the day, firming sprays can help make you look a little fresher.

Oil Controlling Spray 

Oil controlling sprays help control oil production without drying out your face. Mist one on if you find yourself looking a little shiny in the middle of the day.

Timeless Skin Care has a huge selection of quality mists and sprays for your face. Shop our section to find the right one for your skin type or contact us if you have questions.