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Why You Need to Start Exfoliating Your Skin

May 14, 2018


Skin cells continually replenish, with the oldest on top. Learning how to exfoliate your face is part of a good skincare routine. It sloughs off the dead skin cells that sit on the surface, making the skin look dry and dull. Anti-aging serums used in conjunction with consistent facial care can reveal younger looking skin and improve tone and texture. Here are six benefits to exfoliation:

Skin looks smoother

Dead cell build-up causes the skinto appear bumpy. Exfoliating brings the new cells to the surface.

Acne Fades

Oil and dirt can become trapped under the dead skin clogging pores, which cause pimples. Gently removing these toxins can help breakouts occur less often and with reduced severity.

Pores Stop Growing

Although pores don’t ‘shrink,’they tend to appear largeras skin ages due to build-up. The dead skin also makes them more visible by collectingskin'snatural oils and dirt, which creates blackheads. Exfoliation cleans the pores, allowing the skin to shine through, instead of the dirt.

Skin Tone Improves

Cleaning out the pores brightens skin and evens out the tone. Dry patches and red splotchesdisappear, and fresher looking skin is revealed.

Products Work Better 

With the dead skin gone, cleansers and moisturizers can penetrate deeper allowing you to get the full range of benefits faster.

Scars and wrinkles fade

Skin renews itself slower as you age. Dead cells still on the surface become rough, which accentuates imperfections such as scars, fine lines, andwrinkles. Exfoliation removes the rough spots. Using vitamin C and E serum helps build collagen, keeping the new skin cells plump and soft.

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