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Which Serum or Oil Product To Use Based on Your Skin Type

Understanding and working with your skin type is the first step to having beautiful, healthy skin. People with dry skin who use harsh cleansers, for instance, find their skin breaking out even more. 

Even once they learn their skin type, people have questions. What is the best oil for combination skin? Is argan oil good for oily skin? Discovering the oil product that works with your skin type makes your skincare routine significantly easier.

Oily Skin

People with oily skin naturally produce greater amounts of sebum, giving their skin a greasy feel. People with the oily skin type often use only a cleanser, leaving other skincare products out of their routines.  Instead of eschewing all products, look for a serum with vitamin C or argan oil for sale. As long as they don't also contain vitamin E, these ingredients will balance out your skin type for a more even tone. 

Dry Skin

Despite the delicateness of this type, people with dry skin should still use a gentle cleanser once a day. This will prepare the skin for a hydrating oil or moisturizer. Although most experts will recommend vitamin c for oily skin, this nutrient is great for any skin type. Choose a vitamin c serum with vitamin E to enhance the effectiveness of the serum by making the vitamin C last longer. 

Combination Skin 

There is so much talk of oily or dry skin that people with combination skin are often overlooked. If you have trouble with pimples, try a squalane oil acne fighting product to banish bad skin. If not, you can often follow oily skin protocols by leaving out vitamin E-based oils.

Oils for Every Skin Type

Each type has a different set of skincare oils to help you look your best. If you need more assistance finding the best one for you, visit our website.You'll not only find products for oily, dry, and combination skin, but helpful blogs that show you exactly which skincare treatments you need.