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When Is the Best Time To Use Vitamin C Serum?

No doubt you’ve heard about the benefits of vitamin C serum in your skin care routine: protection from sun damage, reducing the signs of aging and fighting discoloration. Yet like many other savvy shoppers, you're probably wondering when to apply vitamin C serum to get these and other beautiful results.

Vitamin C Serum: Morning or Night?

There are plenty of advocates for either morning or nighttime application of your favorite vitamin C serum, with each side supplying a list of supporting arguments. Those who recommend its application in the morning usually point to several key reasons:

  • Most versions of vitamin C serum have photoprotective properties.
  • You’ll need to apply moisture after the serum as part of your regimen.
  • Many users report some immediate beautifying effects.

On the other hand, those who suggest nighttime application emphasize collagen-boosting effects and claim that the presence of fewer products on the skin’s surface better promote long-term benefits. 

Check Your Product’s Instructions 

Ultimately, the final word on whether to apply your serum in the morning or at night liesin the type of product you choose. Versions such as this Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum are gentle enough for both day and night usage.

As you search for the best serum for your needs, pay attention to ingredients listings. Some such as this Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C serum contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring polysaccharide that attracts moisture and promotes the regeneration of skill cells. Other formulas may also include vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps hydrate, combat environmental damage. 

Choosing the Right Serum for You

With the wide range of options on the market today, shopping smart is an important key to ensuring you select the right vitamin C serum. Those seeking to maximize their anti-aging benefits may wish to consider applying vitamin C serum twice a day. The bottom line? Read labels carefully, always follow your product’s specific directions and shop for your serums at reputable skin care products supplier.