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What Skincare Products Should I Use if I Go Back to School in a Cold, Dry State?

If you are trying to find the best face products out there for your skin, you’ve got to know that the best solution changes according to your skin type and environment. Naturally drier skin types need extra skin hydration, and that means you’ll want to go with the formulas that seal moisture in for the long-term. When you add cold, dry weather to the mix, it gets to be even more important to have a thicker, longer-lasting skin care cream.

What Are the Best Skin Care Products for Cold Weather?

Basically, anything thick that seals in moisture without being too greasy will work in the winter weather you find in northern climates. These kinds of skin hydration products work out well for the weather:

  • Squalane Oil – It helps replenish the body’s ability to hold moisture in the skin, making it softer and smoother.
  • Skin Care Creams – Anything with a heavier base that takes time to be fully absorbed will also have the extra protection you need during long spells of cold and dry weather.
  • Balms – Any kind of balm with powerful moisturizing ingredients will help. Balms are different from creams because they help create a protective barrier at the level of the skin’s outer layers, so they can be especially good for lips and other sensitive skin.
  • Time Release Moisturizers – Formulas specifically made to be time-release hydration can be great when you know you will be out without being able to re-moisturize for a long time. They can offset a lot of immediate effects of dry weather.

Finding the Best Face Products for Cold Weather

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