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What Can I Use to Get Rid of Oily Skin?

Most people have combination skin — an oily T-zone and dry cheeks — but some people end up with skin that is oily all over. Oily skin makes it harder to find makeup that stays put and often leads to clogged pores that result in embarrassing breakouts. Luckily, there are several naturally sourced oily skin care products available that can help you to rid some of the excess oil.

Hydrating Moisturizers

People with oily skin tend to think they should skip moisturizer to prevent the problem from becoming even worse. In truth, moisturizing is important for keeping your skin's barrier intact. By keeping moisture inside, the outer layer of your skin can continue to block UV rays and bacteria. However, avoid shea butter, coconut oil or other heavy ingredients. Look for lightweight items such as glycerin instead.

Retinoid Products

You probably know retinoid as vitamin A. Vitamin A makes your cells turn over faster, making it a popular product for both anti-aging and acne products. When added to your oily skin routine, retinoid reshapes your pores' lining so oil isn't trapped as easily. Without trapped oil, you'll see fewer blackheads or other pimples. While strong doses require a prescription, you can find some products over the counter.

Hyaluronic Acid

Your body naturally creates hyaluronic acid, which is important for keeping your skin soft and producing the collagen that gives it its elasticity. However, like any other part of your body, hyaluronic acid can become out of balance and fail to work as it should. Products that include hyaluronic acid for oily skin can put your body back in balance and re-moisturize your skin. In turn, your oil-producing glands will stop overworking themselves.

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