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Vitamin C Serum For Skin Care

June 22, 2016

For centuries, women have looked for ways that their skin can enjoy the anti-aging benefits of vitamin C. While thinking about vitamin C and the production of collagen, it is also a powerful antioxidant with the ability to defuse free radicals within the skin.

 Vitamin C Serum For Skin Care

Vitamin C Fights Free Radicals Which Damage Skin

Free radicals are molecules or atoms that have unpaired electrons. They have a short lifespan and are chemically reactive. They tend to be destructive only in places which they are created, typically in cell mitochondria. Because of their need to have matching elections, free radicals oftentimes attack chemical compounds which are nearby, leaving skin that is damaged in their wake. Using a skin care product with vitamin C is a way of ridding the skin of harmful free radicals.

Vitamin C Serum Protects the Skin from Thieving Free Radicals

Free radicals cause damage to the skin when stealing electrons from a single protein which is in the thread of collagen. The collagens chemical structure is changed during this time, producing a small break in the thread. Throughout the years, this leads to numerous points of damage within the collagen, making skin damaged. This damage has an appearance of wrinkled and sagging skin. With the use of natural vitamin C serum, you can avoid this type damage, and have firm, healthy skin, and keep a look of youthfulness.

Antioxidants are Skins Natural Protectors

The skin has the ability to naturally fight against this type of damage, with one of them being antioxidants, but with stressors such as environment and age, they become overpowered. However, a skin care product with vitamin C is effective for enhancing the natural protection against these aging free radical.

When applying vitamin C skin serum from timeless Skin Care to your face, you can enjoy the pleasure of an appearance that is damage-free. 

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