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If you suffer from flaky and itchy skin on your face, or fine lines and deep wrinkles, vitamin C for dry skin may be an ingredient that saves you money and hassles. Vitamin C is a first choice for dermatologists who deal with patients that have severely dry skin, and it’s a naturally sourced ingredient that offers many benefits, including hydration. Hydration is paramount for skin that can’t produce its own moisture for various reasons, so turn to vitamin C to hydrate without the oils and greasy ingredients other products contain.

Top 5 Benefits to Vitamin C for Dry Skin

1. Extreme Moisturization without that Oily Feel

Vitamin C is found in abundance in the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. The epidermis, especially, contains high levels of vitamin C when healthy, so using this ingredient as a supplement makes sense. Vitamin C plumps up the skin and it replenishes lost moisture, without leaving the skin feeling oily or greasy. Without Vitamin C, the epidermis starts to dry out which leads to itchy and scaly skin.

2. Great UV Protection

Dry skin is skin that’s usually severely depleted of moisture, which means it burns easier. Did you know that Vitamin C can be used not only as a moisturizer, but as a natural deterrent to harmful UV rays?  Vitamin C applied on the skin can offer a bit of sun protection by infusing moisture that acts as a natural barrier to UV rays. While vitamin C is a mild form of sun protection, it’s important to note that prolonged exposure to the sun should be coupled with a high-SPF cream or serum in addition to a vitamin C cream.

3. Increases Collagen Production

One of the many vitamin C benefits includes its ability to increase collagen production. Collagen is produced under the top layer of skin and helps skin to look plump and healthy. Skin that has inefficient collagen production becomes dry and listless, not to mention wrinkly and old. Using a vitamin C cream daily can amp up collagen levels in the skin and help repair any damage done from deficiencies, such as major wrinkles and saggy skin. If you want to look younger and want to stop your skin from looking old, Vitamin C is a must-add to your anti-aging regimen. 

4. A Super Exfoliator

If you suffer from dry skin, you probably deal with a feeling of tightness on your face. This can be due to dead skin cells at the surface of the skin that are preventing your moisturizer from properly soaking in. A good exfoliator is ideal for sloughing off dead skin. However, if you have dry skin, you don’t want to use any harsh exfoliating products that will create further damage. Vitamin C gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it softer and healthier. Not only can the effects of Vitamin C be soothing to dry skin, but the moisturizing properties of Vitamin C can help to repair the damage and get your face looking young and healthy again.

5. A Natural Solution to Healthy Skin

Dry skin is problem skin, so it should not be inundated with harsh products that can exacerbate issues. If you have dry skin and want a product that will moisturize, protect you from the sun, and give your skin a more youthful appearance, you should turn to gentle and natural products like vitamin C. There are some forms of synthetic vitamin C on the market, but these are not thought to be useful as they can cause greater damage. It’s best to go with natural and organic vitamin C creams and serums that lack some of the harmful synthetic ingredients that can cause skin to continually be dry.

Timeless Skin Care offers a great range of products with vitamin C for dry skin, as well as the best organic skin care to give you gentle results for your skin conditions over time. If you are dealing with dry skin that lacks fullness or isn’t as plump as you would like, Vitamin C is a move in the right direction to start your skin on a path of healing and smoothness. Don’t fall for marketing ploys that try to convince you that skin can be transformed overnight. Our products do offer quick results, but as with all good healing methods, results come with a bit of patience, and they should be coupled with safety.