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Timeless Skin Care Micro Needle Dermaroller Instructions

Adding a Micro Needle Dermaroller to your skin care accessories is extremely beneficial and will have your skin looking the best it ever has. The brilliance behind this particular product is that the roller creates tiny channels into the facial skin which allows for all of the active ingredients in our products, such as those found in Timeless face serums or our clean skincare products, to fully penetrate the skin. In addition, the use of a Micro Needle Dermaroller can be used to reduce acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

At Timeless, two sizes are offered:

0.5 mm which can be used once a month or every seven days. 
1.0 mm may be used once a month or, if your skin can tolerate it, twice a month. 

Before using this product, read the instructions below so you are informed and ready to go when your dermaroller arrives!

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