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The Truth About The Sun & Your Skin

There’s nothing quite like feeling of the sun upon your face on a warm summer day. While getting a little tan may not seem like a big deal for the skin, the sun can actually be more harmful than you think. Over exposure to the sun can lead to dry skin, signs of aging, or worse.

The Sun vs. Your Skin

Understanding how the sun affects your skin is the best way to ensure your skincare regimen is backed by products that will not only protect the skin, but aid the skin in repairing and replenishing itself. While the sun can encourage the production of Vitamin D, it can also have harmful effects. The most common affect the sun can have on the skin is a sunburn. The harmful UV rays can damage the fibers of the skin and lead to redness, irritation and sagging skin. While the damage may not be apparent in your youth, it is likely to display as your skin ages. When arming your skin against the sun, having a few important products in your daily skincare routine can mean the difference between avoiding a temporary sunburn and reversing the signs of aging.

Fight the Sun

With Martrixyl 3000 serum, your skin can stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. This serum helps reverse the signs of aging in your skin, and aids in the repair and restructure of the papillary dermis. You will see a reduction in wrinkles and feel the difference of a moisturized face. Another great ally to help tighten and lift the skin is Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Help your skin cells grow back stronger by using Hyaluronic Acid. Combined with Vitamin C, antioxidants will work to even out the skin tone and build collagen. When used together and followed by sunscreen or sunblock, the skin is protected and prepared for the effects of the sun.