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You’ve changed your diet, you’ve started drinking more water, you’ve created a skincare regimen, but for some reason your skin complexion isn’t on point. If you are a fan of happy hour or enjoy a glass of wine before bed, alcohol may be the culprit. Cutting back on alcohol can dramatically reveal how alcohol affects your skin negatively.


When you consume alcohol, the skin can become inflamed. The histamine reaction that causes the redness and inflammation may seem temporary while you are enjoying your drink, but over time the damage can lead to prolonged redness. Help reduce the redness and damage to your complexion by cutting back on the alcohol.


When we consume alcohol, it affects our mucous membranes, from the pancreas to the skin. As the body becomes dehydrated, the fluid is removed from the skin leading to severe damage. Dehydration can have dramatic effects on the complexion of the skin. Knowing more about how alcohol affects your skin, like dehydration, is the best way to reduce the negative impacts and keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

Will Squalane Oil Reverse the Effects Alcohol Has on the Skin?

The short answer is yes and no. If you go on an all-night bender and need to get up for work, squalane serum will make your skin feel better, but it will still look like you were drinking all night. On the other hand, if you are cutting back on alcohol intake overall and want to rejuvenate your skin, squalane oil is an excellent place to start. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Squalane Oil for the Skin? 

Squalane oil is a byproduct that comes from squalene, an oil our bodies produce naturally. As people age, or if they drink regularly, the body's production of the oil decreases. Using squalane to supplement your natural production helps to maintain the oil levels you need for your skin to remain youthful. It is also an excellent moisturizer and its ability to regenerate cells makes it a good choice for people who have eczema or other skin conditions. Finally, it helps to protect your skin from harsh free radicals found in the environment by reducing hyperpigmentation related to pollution and exposure to UV rays.

What Is the Best Way to Use Squalane Oil?

You can use squalane in several ways. Many people simply put a drop or two on their fingertips and massage it into the skin before applying other skincare or beauty products. Some people prefer to mix a few drops in with daily moisturizer and apply both at once.

Is Squalane Useful for Anything Else?

In addition to its many advantages for your skin, squalane oil benefits your hair and nails. Rubbing a few drops between your palms and smoothing over your hair seals split ends, and if your fingernails tend to have dry cuticles, massaging a drop into each one will remedy the problem.

What can You do?

It’s not too late to fight the damage and make changes to help improve your complexion. The quickest way to see improvement is by cutting back on your alcohol intake. Also, knowing which alcohols cause the least damage is helpful. Try keeping the shots clear, without sugary or salty mixers. Drinking whiskey or rum straight also removes the effects caused by harmful additives. If you’re drinking wine, try to stick with reds over whites, which have a higher antioxidant count to help reduce the signs of aging.

Most importantly, make sure your skincare regimen is complete with products that work like our hyaluronic acid serum and eye wrinkle cream. By using the best natural skin care products, you can find a happy balance between your alcohol intake and the desired complexion of your skin.

Whether you need an anti-aging serum or a hydrating eye cream, Timeless Skin Care has the product for you. We'll even help you shop if you aren't sure where to begin.