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Summer Skin Care: How to Treat Your Sunburn

May 14, 2018


When you’re having fun in the sun, it can be easy to forget your sunscreen. If your skin gets burned from being out in the sun, it’s important to treat it as soon as possible to limit the discomfort and damage to your skin. Here are some tips from the American Academy of Dermatology for treating a sunburn.

Cool Your Skin                         

Get out of the sun when you notice you’re getting sunburned. Take a cool shower or bath to relieve the pain and heat. Pat yourself dry to avoid irritating the skin any farther and to leave a little moisture on the skin. Applying a moisturizing face spray or hydrating moisturizer to the skin can help ease the dryness. Argan oil with UV protection can help heal the sore skin and repair sun damage. Use cold compresses to keep the skin cool between showers.

Drink Extra Water

When you’re sunburned, you need extra water to prevent dehydration. The sunburn draws fluid in your body to the skin’s surface, which takes it away from the rest of your body. You may feel hot after a sunburn. Your body needs extra water to help keep you cool.

Protect Your Skin

While your skin is healing, wear a tightly-woven fabric that covers your skin when you go outside. You may want to adjust your skincare accessories while you heal, going for a gentler approach.

If your skin blisters, don’t pop them. The blisters indicate that you have a second-degree burn. They form to protect you from infection and to help you heal.

Your Skin Will Heal

The AAD recommends using a moisturizing lotion to cool sunburned areas. As the skin heals and peels, continue using the moisturizer. Don’t pick at the skin or pull the peeling skin. Shop with Timeless Skin Care for a moisturizing face spray or argan oil for sale and find products that help your skin heal following a sunburn.

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