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Our customers always want to know if it really matters if they are applying their ferulic acid serum before their face lotion. Or if they should be putting on their sunscreen first or last (hint – it should always go on last).

The answer is YES. It does matter how you layer, and you should be doing it from thinnest to thickest.

 Even if you have the most diligent all natural skin care regimen in the world, you could be preventing your skin from receiving the full benefits of your serums and creams if you’re using the products in the wrong order. 

Not only can this affect the overall effectiveness of your routine, but it could devastate your skin, leaving it irritated, broken out, and dry.

Here are the steps you should take when applying your skin care products:

    1. Remove Your Makeup

      It’s critical to start with a blank canvas so your skin can enjoy the full effects of your skin care products.

    2. Clense

      Once you remove your makeup, you will need to actually clean your skin with a cleanser. This will remove all of the leftover residue and grit that can be lurking inside your pores.

Treatment Products


Here is where the most active items for your skin care routine come into play. You want to apply them directly to clean, bare skin, from the thinnest to the thickest. This allows the products to deeply penetrate your skin, with the thickest product going on last because it has the deepest penetrating characteristics.

    Hydrating Mist or Serum

    Lastly, ensure your skin is properly watered with a hydrating mist or serum. Nobody likes to go to bed thirsty!

    For gorgeous and glowing skin, simply apply your products the correct way for the best results.


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