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Should You Exfoliate in the Spring?

Spring is a time of renewal, and this natural cycle extends to skin cells. Exfoliation is a process that involves the removal of old, damaged skin cells to allow new cells to surface. There are several exfoliating methods, including abrasion and exfoliating products. Learn about the most gentle and effective spring skin care techniques.

Recover From Winter Weather

Reveal new, healthy skin by using Matrixyl 3000. This proprietary peptide turns over skin cells while restructuring the network of the dermis and increasing collagen synthesis by up to 350 percent. Any form of physical abrasion, including microdermabrasion, can damage skin. A rejuvenating serum is a gentle and effective way to exfoliate and nurture skin in the springtime.

Lighten Up

The products that are most effective for shielding skin from damage during the winter months are likely to be too heavy as temperatures and humidity levels rise. In addition to stimulating skin cell turnover, exfoliating in the spring also removes residues from heavy products that might otherwise block pores and dull your complexion.

Protect Your Skin 

Moisture levels tend to rise during the spring, but that does not mean that you no longer need to moisturize your skin. Consider using a product designed to lock moisture into skin when your face is still slightly damp after cleansing. Pure hyaluronic acid serumcontains 1 percent concentration of this skin-friendly ingredient, which is capable of holding up to 1000 times its weight in water. 

Serums are not the only way to apply peptides and hyaluronic acid. Facial sprays are lightweight solutions that are easy to apply at home or on the go. Consider using a spray that contains Matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid and natural extracts. All of these treatments provide facial exfoliation. This advice for spring skincare has the added benefit of increasing the capability of skin to absorb beneficial compounds and vitamins.