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Should I Change My Skincare Routine This Summer?

As the summer months roll around, you may start wondering if you need to do anything differently to take care of your skin during the summer. The short answer is yes. Sun exposure and warm weather mean that you need to adjust your routine. Fortunately, a few simple summer tips for skin care can help you ensure healthy, attractive skin year-round.

Skincare Considerations in the Summer

Summer weather in most places is defined by hotter, longer days with stronger sunlight. This can be great if you want to get outside and enjoy yourself. However, it can be hard on your skin. 

Humidity, sweat and sunblock can cause your skin to get oilier and your pores to clog. This can lead to break out and other irritations. To make matters worse, washing your skin to prevent clogging can cause dryness if you don’t follow up with the right moisturizing products.

Chlorine is also pretty hard on your skin. If you spend a lot of time in pools and hot tubs during the summer, you will need to take special care of your skin. Chlorinated water opens pores and drains natural oils even more than water does alone. While saltwater isn’t as bad, it can also dry out your skin if you spend too much time in the ocean.

Of course, the most substantial cause of skin issues in the summer is the sun. As everyone knows, too much sunlight can be very hard on your skin. Sunburn severely damages your skin cells. Even sun exposure without burning can cause significant damage. Protecting yourself against this source of skin damage is perhaps the most important part of preparing for summer.

Summer Skincare Tips

Clearly, the summer has its unique challenges in terms of skin care. This begs the questions, what skin tips for summer can you use to help ensure beautiful skin all year long? These are some of the most important changes to your skin care routine that you should implement: 

      • Use Sunblock: This one should be obvious to pretty much everyone. This goes far beyond simply avoiding uncomfortable burns and skin cancer. Properly protecting your skin from sunlight may be the best anti-aging solution you can use. Use a broad-spectrum sunblock and reapply regularly. Put on sunblock whenever you are heading out in the sun.
      • Start Early: Begin transitioning to your summer skin care routine during the winter. This will give your skin time to adjust. Try switching in small increments and allow a few weeks to complete the change.
      • Keep Your Skin Hydrated: Moisturizing creams and lotions are fantastic in the winter but may be too heavy in the summer. Try to use light-weight hydrating and moisturizing products such as hyaluronic acid This can be combined with other products including sunblock to help keep your skin healthy.
      • Avoid Burning: This may be somewhat repetitive after the sunblock tip, but it is worth emphasizing. Sunburn is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Use sunblock and protect yourself in the shade.
      • Drink Water: Keeping your skin hydrated isn’t just about what you put on it. Drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Furthermore, it is good for your overall health. It is easy to get dehydrated in the hot sunlight.
      • Let Your Skin Breathe: You want to look your best. Sometimes that means using makeup and products that are heavy on your skin. Take a break from time to time and let your skin just breathe. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.
      • Protect Your Lips: Most people focus on their facial skin for the skincare routine. Don’t forget about the skin on your lips. Consider using a lip balm or lipstick with SPF protection.
      • Don’t Forget Your Scalp: Have you ever burned your scalp? It is not something you want to experience. Wear hats and use a sunblock spay along your part to keep your scalp as healthy as the rest of your skin.
      • Cool Off in the Shower: Most people like taking hot showers. However, after being in the hot sun for extended periods of time, a hot shower can cause sweating and further damage your skin. Instead, run a cool shower to bring your skin to a more comfortable temperature.
      • Remember Antioxidants: High-grade antioxidant products, such as those containing Vitamin C, help protect your skin in the summer. There are many types of oxidative stress that can be lessened with some antioxidant products.
      • Repair Damage Quickly: You can play it as safe as you like, but chances are you are going to get a little skin damage during the summer. Unless you avoid going outside, it is hard to keep yourself completely protected. The best thing you can do is act quickly and take measures to repair your skin. Products like pure argan oil can help heal the damage.
      • Fight Pigmentation: The summer can worsen skin tone irregularities. Much like repairing damage, fighting against these irregularities early and often is the best thing you can do for your skin’s long-term health. Products like Vitamin C serums will go a long way. 

Following these summer skin care tips will help you keep your skin healthy and attractive during the summer. Remember that skin care is a marathon, not a sprint. Taking care of your skin consistently is the key to keeping a youthful look. The sooner you start and more consistently you take care of your skin, the better the effects will be as you get older.

What Is Tanning?

We already know that protecting your skin from the sun is important. However, chances are you still want to do some tanning. Sun-kissed skin has been trendy for as long as most of us can remember. If you want to tan, you’d better be prepared for how to handle it.

Tanning is the skin thickening and darkening in response to damage to prevent any additional injury. In other words, when you tan, you are hurting your skin slightly so that it will be more resistant to sunlight in the future.

There are millions of older people who wish they could go back and tan less. The long-term effects of too much tanning can be pretty severe. Again, sun damage is one of the most substantial factors in prematurely aging skin.

The best option is to accept your natural skin tone as is. This is the healthiest option for everyone. Better yet, it is in fashion currently. 

If you simply can’t stop craving color, take the fake option. A good quality spray tan will give you the look you want without all the drawbacks. Definitely avoid tanning beds, they are very hard on your skin and just not worth it. The spray option is the best choice and there are even DIY products you can choose. Just make sure to follow the directions properly. 

Products That Help Protect and Heal Your Skin 

Now that you’ve learned a few summer tips for skin care, you likely are thinking about which products will help you implement them the best. Of course, one of the best things you can buy is a good, broad-spectrum sunblock. Protective clothing and shade products will also help too. These are some other advanced skin care products to use:

      • Squalane 100% Pure: This naturally occurring substance that helps lubricate and protect skin. It can be easily absorbed into your skin without a greasy after-feel. This is great for improving elasticity, moisturizing your skin and giving it a protective boost before sun exposure.
      • Argan Oil 100% Pure: Argan oil is an unrefined oil derived from the argan tree. It is full of vitamin E and fatty acids. It has excellent healing and repairing properties for the skin, hair and nails. Work it into your skin as is or add it to your favorite creams.
      • Hyaluronic Acid Serum 100% Pure: This serum is well-known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties. Combine with creams, moisturizers or sunblock to get the benefits of its hydrating characteristics.
      • Vitamin C + E Serum: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that evens skin tone and builds collagen. Vitamin E helps support the overall health of your skin and the rest of your body, while also improving the impact of Vitamin C.
      • Matrixyl 3000: This anti-aging serum helps aging and damaged skin behave like healthy, youthful skin. It is effective in reducing and reversing the damage from sunlight. It can be combined with Hyaluronic Acid for even better result.

These products are simple ways to take better care of your skin this summer. They are light-weight solutions that are ideal for handling the summer climate.

Find the Skin Care Products You Need This Summer 

Taking care of your skin in the summer is no simple matter. Applying these skin tips for summer will help you stay healthy and radiant. However, you need the right products to give you the edge in the summer months. Check out Timeless Skin Care’s full catalog to find all the protective, healing and anti-aging products you need to look and feel your best all year long.