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Most people know that consuming vitamin C is good for a healthy body, but they don’t often realize that using a vitamin C serum is excellent for skin health. Vitamin C benefits range from boosting the immune system to supporting skin cells. That’s why Timeless Skin Care offers a range of vitamin C skin care products, from super serums to calming creams. Here are a few reasons to use vitamin C serums, and a few great creams you may want to consider:

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C is one of the prime ingredients in collagen, the substance binding skin cells together. Collagen production and metabolism are key factors of skin that’s healthy, young-looking, radiant, and supple. Since collagen production and metabolism depends on vitamin C, it makes sense for this important nutrient to find it’s way into skin care. Stable collagen is what helps us fight wrinkles, and it helps to even out our skin texture and tone.

Many of us lead lives that are harsh on our skin, like staying out in the sun for too long, spending time outdoors in windy and dry conditions, and exposing our skin to environmental toxins. Thankfully, we can turn to vitamin C’s antioxidant properties to help us restore skin damaged by free radicals, and to keep skin healthy in challenging conditions. However, using vitamin C skin care products is not a free pass for living an unhealthy life otherwise.

Vitamin C in Topical Applications

Vitamins, including vitamin C, oxidize when used topically, which means they lose some of their potency when exposed to air. This means that manufacturers of vitamin C skin care products have to find a way to infuse their products with as many benefits as they can, so they are as effective as possible. Timeless Skin Care uses the latest science to make sure that its customers get the maximum vitamin C benefits from our vitamin C serums and facial creams. To learn more about the reasons to use vitamin C serums and creams sold by Timeless Skin Care, visit our Timeless Skin Care shop today and view our products.