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Parabens And Their Side Effects

It’s important to use skin care products that are safe and effective for your skin. With so much media coverage concerning parabens in skin care products, what exactly are parabens and how much risk do they pose? 

What are Parabens?

Parabens are synthetic chemicals that are used as preservatives for a longer shelf-life in a variety of products, including skincare. They are not a natural product, but are used to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. Common types of parabens found in beauty products include methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben. 

Parabens are thought to be endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which means the body treats the paraben like a hormone. For example, parabens may “act” like estrogen. Too much estrogen can lead to life threatening disease, such as breast cancer. The strength of parabens’ estrogenic activity has been shown to increase with longer-chain propyl- and butyl- types of parabens. In animal studies these 2 longer-chain parabens have been linked with decreased fertility and damage to reproductive development.   

There have been numerous published studies on the health risks of parabens, and their cumulative effects on human health. But to date, the FDA does not have conclusive evidence to support how parabens used in cosmetics are a direct health hazard.

Allergic Skin Reactions

However, other paraben side effects include a potential for increased skin sensitivity, which can lead to irritation such as contact dermatitis. 

Why Choose Paraben Free Skin Care 

Timeless Skin Care uses active ingredients in simple formulas that are paraben-free. None of our skin care products include any types of parabens, and all of the ingredients are listed so that each customer can be assured of any known allergens. 

As paraben free skin care becomes a global standard, Timeless Skin Care focuses on creating high quality skin care products with anti-aging and natural ingredients. Polypeptides in our matrixyl formulations stimulate cell regeneration and support the endocrine system. This helps build proteins that are responsible for healthy cell structures and function smoother, firmer skin.