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Many people have a morning skin care regimen. It makes sense to take care of your skin before heading out for the day. However, a nighttime routine is just as important. Make sure you take care of your skin before going to bed each night so that you wake up the next morning looking and feeling great.

Understand Your Skin Type

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions with a skin care regimen. The reason is that some people have oily skin while others have dry skin. Some individuals even have a combination where it will be oily in some places but dry in others. Make sure you use products designed for your specific type of skin. For example, people with oily skin would want to use a non-oily product, such as Timeless Skin Care’s Skin Lightening Cream.

Wash Your Face

Above all else, you want to make sure you at least wash your face with lukewarm water at the end of the day. This gives you a chance to clear out your pores and remove any makeup or sweat that has accumulated throughout the day. If you are going to use a skin care product, then you should find one that is void of any fragrances or dyes.

Apply Eye Cream After Moisturizer

It is recommended to use an eye cream in addition to a general face moisturizer. The areas around your eyes are more prone to premature aging than other parts of the face. As such, they require additional attention to look more youthful.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The last part of taking care of your skin does not involve any products whatsoever. You should get a good night’s rest every day of the week. Without sufficient sleep, great skin care products can only do so much. 

Spend a few minutes every evening taking care of your skin so that you are ready for the following day. To learn more about how Timeless Skin Care can help, call us at 800-213-3705.