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Skin ageing is accelerated when overexposed to UV rays or environmental pollutants. Collagen in the skin is degraded and oxidative stress is triggered. Thankfully, with the use of an anti-aging remedy in which ancient civilizations utilized for healing benefits of their skin, these unwanted effects can be overcome.Natural Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C for Maintaining That Youthful Look

A crucial player in the production of both collagen and an essential antioxidant is vitamin C which helps with rejuvenating damaged aged skin. However, when taken orally very little reaches the skin. To help combat effects of ageing, a vitamin C serum needs to be applied directly to the skin. When used topically, results show vitamin C serum stimulates the formation of collagen while stopping the effects of free radicals, helping people across the globe maintain a firm, youthful looking skin.

Topical Vitamin C for Most Benefits

While taking vitamin C orally, this is helpful to maintain overall health, but not effective for skin health. The concentration of vitamin C within the skin is hard to increase orally due to its absorption through digestion. To gain the most benefits, a vitamin c serum should be applied directly to the skin. By applying topically, higher levels of concentration are able to be produced than taken orally.

Natural Skin Care Serum with Vitamin C for Healthy Skin

The main health benefit skin receives from vitamin C is the way in which it supports healthy collagen. Collagen and elastin work together to support the skin Basically, collagen supplies the structure which provides firmness, strength, and form to skin, while flexibility is from elastin. With a skin care serum with vitamin C, your skin will look better than it has in ages.

Using a natural skin care serum from timeless Skin Care can help enhance that youthful look you may have missed. You will have the skin you want when using the right products.