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Is It Better for Your Skin to Apply Vitamin C Serum in the Morning? Or at Night?

Skincare science is an active area of research, which means that there are a lot of competing opinions about the best way to nourish and provide for different skin types. Often, conflicting opinions both have what looks like strong evidence behind them. That can make it hard to make the right choices for your skin, like when to apply vitamin C serum.

The Case For Vitamin C at Night

The long-term effects of vitamin C serum and the necessity of a regular skincare routine lead many people to apply at night. The reasons are usually complex, and they often involve the number of products in one’s morning routine. The thought tends to be that applying the serum at night, when there are less moisturizers and cosmetics on the face, means getting superior absorption and use.

The Case for Vitamin C in the Morning

More advanced advice about maintaining a vitamin C serum routine with natural skincare products recommends application in the mornings for a variety of reasons:

  • Vitamin C has photoprotective properties
  • The immediate effect on skin helps beautify your face in the mornings
  • Application before morning moisturizer only takes a few moments
  • Moisturizer application is needed after a vitamin C routine anyway

What Are the Benefits of Using a Vitamin C Serum?

Timeless Vitamin C Serum helps your skin to look younger, brighter and firmer. It assists your body in the production of the collagen it needs for your skin cells to remain firm and supple. Additionally, the antioxidant properties prevent free radicals, such as pollution, from entering your body and leeching into the skin. Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid, which is known to prevent pigmentation (known as melanin) from synthesizing. Too much melanin can cause dark spots on the skin. When used with an SPF50 sunscreen, it can prevent damage, and if the sun has already damaged your skin, the serum can ease the redness of a sunburn.

Does Vitamin C Serum Work for Any Skin Type?

Some people have oily skin while others have dry skin. Many people have both at the same time. Vitamin C serum works for any type of skin, although some people find they have better luck with a derivative serum over the L-ascorbic form. Generally, someone with normal or oily skin can use L-ascorbic acid and someone with dry or sensitive skin should use one that includes magnesium ascorbyl phosphate or sodium. If one doesn't work for you, you can always try the other.

How Do I Store Vitamin C Serum?

Timeless packages its vitamin C serums in dark-colored bottles to prevent the product from degrading due to exposure to light. You should also avoid exposing it to air. Never leave the bottle open for longer than you need to use it and be sure to close the lid tightly to prevent exposure. Humidity is also bad for vitamin c serum, so avoid storing your product in the bathroom. Many people choose to store it in the refrigerator.

Recommendations from Timeless Skin Care

The important step that both sets of advocates miss is to check what is on the bottle. Some types of vitamin C skincare are built for nighttime application, like LAA serums. Some types are built for morning application. A lot of the time, though, you will find that recommendations for an effective therapy emphasize using the serum twice daily.

The key is to check whether the serum is photoprotective or photooxidative. If it is photoprotective, then you should use it in the morning or twice daily. If it is the latter type, then you will want to use it in the evenings.

In addition to Timeless serum, we provide a wide variety of other products, including other beneficial serums, creams, sprays and more. Start shopping now to find the products that meet your needs and make you feel beautiful and healthy.

For more information about Timeless Skin Care’s vitamin C products, contact the company.