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If My Skin Is Always Oily at School, Which Products Should I Use?

If you have oily skin, It might seem tempting to use cleanser and exfoliate constantly. True, there’s nothing wrong with washing your skin regularly and exfoliating two or three times a week. But cleansing too often can actually produce the opposite effect; stripping away moisture from your skin causes your body to increase oil production. Using harsh chemicals can also damage your skin, causing premature wrinkles and red, irritated areas. 


What kind of skincare products protect people who have naturally oily skin? 

Coenzyme Q10

This serum is filled with natural antioxidants that stimulate collagen production, giving your resistance to sun damage and keeping it smooth, supple and energized. Timeless Coenzyme Q10 serum doesn’t contain pore-clogging parabens, and it absorbs instantly into your skin for a fresh feeling.

Matrixyl 3000 

Thanks to natural matrikines – a component found in healthy skin – this compound boosts your collagen levels by up to 360 percent! Collagen and elastin are key for avoiding premature wrinkles and enjoying soft skin. Choose the best Matrixyl 3000 face serum for non-greasy protection that’s totally free of parabens and harsh chemicals.

Vitamin C and E Serum

When it’s time to exfoliate, do it gently with a natural cleanser like Timeless vitamin C and E serum. These vitamins improve skin complexion and keep it hydrated after exfoliation. Vitamin C serum dries quickly and clearly into your skin, leaving a soft, smooth and fresh texture. 

Hydrating Sprays 

If you bring along some kind of cleansing pads to school to keep in your locker, make sure to pack hydrating sprays containing hyaluronic acid too. They’re convenient and keep skin moist, nourished and healthy. Just apply a few sprays to any areas that need extra moisture after cleaning – no oil, no grease. 

The best hydrating sprays this season also contain extracts like rose, lavender, cucumber and citrus for additional skincare properties and natural fragrance.

Every time you apply cleanser or exfoliate, it’s critical to hydrate your skin immediately afterwards. Use the best clean skincare products to keep your skin healthy and moisturized without adding a greasy layer that makes you feel uncomfortable.