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How To Tell If Your Skin Is Hydrated

May 01, 2017


As we enter the warmer seasons, you might notice subtle differences in your skin’s level of moisture and texture. Winter’s cold temperatures and harsh winds can remove essential moisture from the epidermis, leaving skin dull and flaky. It’s important to keep your skin thoroughly hydrated year round for a fresh-faced appearance and healthy glow. Here are a few ways to tell if your skin is properly hydrated or not:

Itchy Skin

If you feel an overwhelming need to scratch your face, your skin is probably not hydrated. Extreme temperatures and external elements, such as heavy winds, can zap the moisture from your face, causing an irritating itchy sensation. Treat your skin with all natural skincare products to beat the itch.

Super Sensitivity

Besides itching, your skin can feel an increased sensitivity if it is dry and dehydrated. To avoid increased irritation, use gentle skincare products that do not include any harsh additives or fragrances.

Dull and Flaky Skin

Examine your skin in the mirror. Does it give off a dull, tired appearance, or include dark circles and flakes? These are definite signs of dehydration. To rid your face of the flake, opt for a natural and gentle exfoliation.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Gently take your cheeks between your fingers and pinch. If it looks like you have fine lines, your skin is dehydrated. Examine your eyes for fine lines too, and your forehead for flaking. All natural anti-wrinkle serums are a simple solution for this problem.

A combination of a healthy skincare routine and healthy lifestyle choices, such as drinking plenty of water, eating organic foods, and getting some shut-eye, will help your skin replenish itself naturally. 

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