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How To Take Care of Your Skin During the Summer Heat

Summer is here. That means it is time to head over to the beach and get the grill out of the garage. Summer is the perfect time to plan outdoor activities. However, it is also the worst time of year for many people’s skin. Once July hits, everyone has the same question on their minds, “How do I take care of my skin in hot weather?” The sun is out in full force, and you need to take certain precautions to protect your dermis. One product to keep in your bathroom to protect your skin is the vitamin C + E ferulic acid serum, which supports collagen growth and evens out skin tone. Here are other tips to maintain glowing skin during the summer months.

Wear Sunscreen All the Time

Once summer comes around, sunscreen should be your best friend. Most people only think to apply it when they will be outside all day at the beach. However, even if you will only be outside for a little bit, you still need sunscreen. Depending on the weather, it may only take 15 minutes for UV rays to damage your skin. You do not want to give sunlight a chance to cause harm, so always have sunscreen in your purse of backpack.

In the event you will be out all day, then you want to reapply sunscreen often. Constant SPF reapplication is an essential component of any summer skin care routine. In general, you want to put more sunscreen on your skin once every 60 to 90 minutes. Additionally, you should put more sunscreen on if you just got out of the pool or ocean. Not only will this prevent premature aging, it will also greatly reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Drink Water Often

Numerous products, such as Squalane 100% Pure oil that lubricates the skin, will keep your skin looking great all summer long. However, the best item for your skin is something you can get for free. Water is essential for good skin health. It helps flush out toxins, and it prevents you from becoming dehydrated. Ultimately, it just makes you feel better when you want to be outside hanging out with friends.

The common recommendation is to consume eight glasses of water a day. However, your needs may differ depending on your body type. It may seem tough to drink that much, but if you carry a water bottle around with you, it becomes a lot more manageable. You can set a timer on your phone or download an app that will remind you to drink once every 30 minutes. Drinking water is particularly essential if you plan on consuming caffeine or alcohol during the day. Those substances are terrible for your skin and dehydrate you. More water will be necessary to feel healthier.

Get Plenty of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are some of the best items you can have in your diet. It is the perfect time of year to eat seasonal foods that are packed with the substances. You should eat plenty of fresh berries, citruses, pineapples, vegetables and seafood. All of these contain essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and increase collagen production. The materials will also protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. 

You can also get more antioxidants for your skin in the skincare products you use. You should consider getting a vitamin C serum that will add a dose of vitamin C to your dermis. Vitamin C is a critical nutrient to get during the summer because it increases collagen and reduces environmental damage. It can also neutralize the damaging properties of free radicals and repair your skin from UV ray damage.

Reduce Makeup Usage

For the ladies, you may feel tempted to apply a lot of makeup any time you go out in public. However, when it is hot outside, the less makeup you have the better. This is due to the fact your skin needs to breathe when it is humid outside. You should try using a tinted moisturizer that contains SPF. Ideally, during the summer, your makeup will contain SPF and the sunscreen you use merely adds SPF. That way you are doubly protected.

You also need to pay attention to parts of the body you would not think would need protection from the sun. You need a lip balm that contains SPF because a regular lip balm will not do you any good. You also need something to protect your scalp from UV rays.


Wear the Right Clothing

Sunscreen can help block UV rays, but you can also protect your skin from the sun by wearing the right clothing. During the summer, you may want to wear as little clothing as possible. After all, you do not want to be sweating because you chose to wear jeans and a jacket to the beach. However, you can still wear breathable, lightweight clothing that covers your arms fully. It will be light, breezy and still look cute. For your face, you can wear a hat that contains a brim that is at least three inches in length. 

In the event you do not have anything long to wear, you should at least bring an umbrella. This is particularly important if you will be out in the sun between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. This is when sun damage will be most pronounced, so you need to watch out. The skin around your eyes is particularly susceptible to sun damage because the skin in that area is thinner. Sunglasses will also reduce your likelihood of developing cataracts.

Shower After Swimming

After you are done swimming in the pool, you want to take a shower. This is due to the fact most pools contain chlorine to keep them clean. The problem with chlorine is that it dries out your skin if you allow it to stay in place for too long. It can even lead to an allergic reaction. You should use a cleanser gel and lukewarm water to rinse off. You do not want to shower in scalding hot water, even if it feels good, because it will dry out your skin.

You also need to shower if you plan on swimming in the ocean. The sea contains harmful irritants and bacteria that will latch onto your skin. Most beaches have showers right there on the sand for you to use. You may not have access to shampoo and gel, but you can at least get the sea water off your skin for the time being.

Treat Sunburn Immediately 

Even after taking all precautionary measures to protect your skin, you may still end up with sunburn. It happens to everyone at some point, and it is not the end of the world. However, you need to act promptly so that the sunburn does not escalate any further. You should immediately get out of the sun and cool your skin in a cold shower. You should moisturize the skin during this time while it is still damp. It is best to use aloe vera to reduce any discomfort you will experience.

Over the next few days, you should apply a cortisone cream that will help reduce swelling and redness. You will need to drink extra water during this time because a sunburn will draw water out of your skin. You may feel more dehydrated, so you need to compensate. Finally, you should see a doctor if your skin does not improve after a week or so.

Get Plenty of Exercise

You may not feel like going for a job when it is hot out. It may feel too humid outside, and you do not want your clothes to get drenched in sweat. Although staying inside lying on the couch sounds nice, you still need to get up and moving during the summer heat. Physical activity enhances blood flow, so your skin cells receive more oxygen. Therefore, your body ends up healing any tissue damage present, including acne and sunburn.

Jogging outside may not sound like fun, but this is a good time of year to go to the gym. You can add some zest to your workout routine by joining a class. Zumba is a lot of fun, or you could try doing yoga. Hiking is a popular activity that does not require a lot of energy. You can also go to the beach with your friends and play some volleyball. There are plenty of options for exercising that are fun and healthy for your skin.

Hopefully, you now have an answer to the question, “How can I protect my skin?” The sun may be out in full force, but that does not mean your skin has to suffer. With the proper precautions, your skin will continue to look radiant for years to come. Purchase all of the skincare products you need from a reliable store online so that you never run out of the products you need. You should always have serums and creams on-hand to apply regularly. Your skin will thank you this summer for being proactive.