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How To Prevent Breakouts This Summer

Summer is a time for beachside parties, swimming pools, barbeques and… breakouts. Unfortunately, hot, humid weather causes many people to experience negative changes with their skin. If you’re looking for a new summer skin care routine that will help you reduce or eliminate acne altogether, here are a few suggestions for preventing breakouts this summer.
  • Moisturize

  • Summer air tends to be humid and heavy, which means you probably don’t want to put on a moisturizer every day. However, it’s important to keep your skin from drying out, because if it does, your body will kick up its oil production (which can be disastrous for acne-prone skin!).

    Instead of allowing your skin to dry out after cleansing, try swapping your heavy moisturizer for anti acne serums. Serums are lightweight and don’t feel heavy on the skin, but they still provide the moisture your skin needs to remain supple, smooth, and hydrated. Vitamin b5 serum and hyaluronic acid for acne prone skin can help you fight off pimples while minimizing the sun’s damaging effects on your pores.

  • Heal Your Skin

  • Spending a lot of time in the sun can lead to inflammation, which is a factor in the development of acne. Nourish and heal your skin after spending a day in the harsh sun by applying comforting ingredients like Aloe vera, mineral water, and hyaluronic acid for acne. Not only does hyaluronic acid help calm irritated, blemish-prone skin, but it cleans away dead skin cells and helps your body repair itself from acne.

  • Be Proactive

  • Acne has a way of popping up overnight. If you want to minimize it, be proactive in treating it. Don’t wait until a telltale bump starts to form. Instead, wash your face regularly with a gentle cleanser, stay hydrated, eat well, and use pure skincare products that nourish your skin every day.

    Timeless Skin Care offers hyaluronic acid and other serums for acne prone skin that can help you combat acne this summer. Contact us to learn more about our line of gentle, paraben-free skincare products.