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How To Prepare Your Skin for Travel

This summer, before you head out for a new adventure or a fantastic beach vacation, make sure you give your skin some attention. Traveling on an airplane or visiting a new place may wreak havoc on your skin. Instead of making your skin suffer, prepare ahead of time by knowing the answer to questions like, how do you keep your skin hydrated when traveling?Take care of your skin during your travels and avoid breakouts, dryness, sunburn or other issues so you can focus on an incredible holiday this year. 

Pack a Travel Skin Regimen 

Before you even get close to your destination, you need to plan your skincare routine and adapt it to your travel needs. You'll need to carefully pack your favorite skincare products into your suitcase. It may make sense to invest in products like cleansing wipes and trial sized items to give your bags a little more breathing room.

When putting your products into your luggage, be sure to place plastic storage bags around any lotions, creams or serums. That way, if something opens or breaks during your travels, your clothes won't get ruined by the spill. If you're packing fragile bottles that are breakable, use some cushioning material, such as bubble wrap, to keep things from shattering.

Keep up With Healthy Habits

Then, a few weeks or days before you plan to leave, be sure to practice the healthiest skincare habits you can. Take special care of your skin right before your trip to ensure you don't suffer any embarrassing breakouts or skin reactions during a thrilling vacation.

Now would be a great time to do some deep skin treatments such as masks, exfoliating or anything else that could give you a boost in brightness and make your skin look even more beautiful in the pictures at your destination.

Stay Hydrated on the Plane 

Next, it's time to give your skin some help during the first part of many trips, the plane ride. Flying at an altitude means your skin will be needing some extra hydration to keep it from getting flaky or dry. Before getting on the plane, use some vitamin c + e ferulic acid serum to replenish dull skin.

Then, as you travel by plane to your destination, periodically spritz your face with a refreshing facial spray to prevent any dryness. If you have an overnight flight, don't forget to apply any night creams to your face before settling down to sleep in your seat.

Drink Plenty of Water 

Another essential tip to keep your skin from revolting during your vacation is to drink plenty of water. You can prevent some of the moisture loss your skin will experience during the plane ride by bringing your own empty water bottle to the airport and filling it up right before boarding. 

Take generous sips throughout your flight to keep your body hydrated and your skin looking great. When you finally land and arrive at your vacation spot, keep your water bottle filled and take plenty of sips to maintain the moisture in your skin.


Avoid Sun and UV Damage 

One of the most important things to remember when traveling is sun protection. While most vacationers elect to take trips to beach spots with plenty of sun, there are some travelers who opt for cooler climates. No matter where your destination is, it's essential to stay consistent with your sun protection.

Bring a powerful sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that is dermatologist recommended. Apply sunscreen before getting on the plane and reapply if your flight is more than a few hours long. When you get to your vacation spot, continue to apply the sunscreen to prevent any sun or UV damage. For sunny locations, be careful with the amount of time you spend in the sun. It may be more powerful than you're used to, so take breaks every so often to prevent an uncomfortable sunburn. 

Protect Against Pollution and Elements 

Traveling may also expose your skin to more pollution and damaging elements, depending on where you're going in the world. If you're asking yourself, can traveling make your breakout?The answer is yes. Slight changes in your diet and routine may cause your skin to react and give you acne or rashes. 

You can help reduce the chances of your skin going crazy during your vacation by being consistent with your skincare routine and using the same products you normally use at home. This is not a time to try out the hotel's toiletries if you want to avoid an embarrassing breakout. 

Sometimes, dryness is the culprit for a random breakout during a trip. So, be sure to keep up with your hydration routine to avoid pimples and acne problems. Bring a topical acne cream just to be safe if you anticipate this being a problem.

Don't Forget Your Lips

Your lips may also need some attention during your travels. Lack of lip protection or hydration may give your lips problems such as cracking, chapping or drying out. This can be unsightly and even uncomfortable. 

Just like your skin needs to be properly hydrated and protected against the sun, your lips also need the same care. Choose a high quality lip balm that offers moisturizing properties and an SPF to keep your lips perky and plush.

Cleanse the Skin Regularly

An amazing vacation may offer a change in routine, such as late nights out dancing, long days of sightseeing and traveling all over a region. No matter how busy your days and nights get from the itinerary, always leave time in the morning and the evening to properly cleanse your skin.

Cleaning your skin is an essential step in keeping the dirt and grime from your daily adventures from damaging your skin. It also keeps your face looking picture perfect for those incredible photo opportunities.

Apply a Good Moisturizer Daily 

You also need to make sure you're thoroughly moisturizing your skin at least twice a day during your travels. Forgetting the moisturizing step could lead to tightness and dryness and leave your skin vulnerable to breakouts.

If you indulge in more alcoholic drinks on your vacation, lather on more of the moisturizer to combat alcohol's drying effects on the skin. Staying outside all day in the sun may also increase your skin's need to lock in that moisture.

Lighten Your Makeup Routine

Taking your entire makeup collection with you during a trip is not usually feasible. Instead, condense your beauty routine down to a few essentials that you can easily apply each day. If you plan on packing these items in your carry-on bag, make sure each product bottle meets size requirements, otherwise, it could be confiscated.

Generally, you'll need to bring a few basic makeup items that will keep your skin looking fresh and beautiful each day. Bring your regular foundation or opt for a lighter product if you're going to a hot and humid destination. A light face powder and some bronzer or blush may be all you need to keep your skin tone looking even. Some mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and a few basic eye shadows may work for the rest of your look. A setting spray and some primer are also helpful to keep your makeup from melting in the sun during your activities.  

Use Essential Products for a Beautiful Look

Your skin could also benefit from a few other essential products, like serums, to keep that glowing visage going throughout your journey. Timeless hyaluronic acid is a great product that can be easily packed into your bag and help improve the look of your skin during your holiday. This product helps promote skin cell regeneration and gives your skin a more youthful appearance.

If you have problems with eye puffiness or dark circles, it may be smart to also bring along an eye cream. The effects of changing time zones, plane travel and lack of sleep may make puffy eyes or dark circles more pronounced. 

Adapt to the Local Climate

Finally, don't ignore the local climate characteristics when preparing your skin and beauty routine for a big trip this summer. Check out the area's humidity first to determine how your skin will react to the climate. If your vacation destination has a cool, dry climate, you may struggle with more breakouts and problems with dryness. A hot, humid spot may bring out more oiliness in your skin and have you reapplying your face powder more often than usual.

Heat is also a problem if you're prone to getting heat rash. Be sure to keep yourself cool and let your skin breathe so your sweat glands don't get blocked off and react. Additionally, local foods may impact your skin's look and overall texture, so try to anticipate how you will fare.

It's important to understand how traveling causes breakouts or other skin problems. Know how your skin behaves under stressful situations, like traveling to a new place, and be ready with powerful products that keep your skin protected and moisturized. Design your own travel skincare routine and take your beautiful look with you.