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The New Year is a perfect time for a fresh start, especially when it comes to your skin. Promise yourself you will use only naturally sourced skin care products on your face and body, and double down on your efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Great skin isn’t just a genetic lottery prize, it’s the result of your diet, exercise regimen, and sleep patterns. The sooner you start taking care of yourself and your body, the more radiant your skin will become.

Hyaluronic Acid Products

Get Enough Sleep

A healthy body and mind needs at least seven hours of sleep each night. Any less sleep will show on your skin, in the form of a sallow complexion and, of course, dark circles under your eyes. Look at this way, eye creams to reduce puffiness and dark circles cost a fortune; sleep is free. Restful sleep is one of the best natural remedies for your skin, so take advantage of every minute. You may be surprised to learn that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has declared that sleep deprivation occurs anytime a person gets less than seven hours of sleep in a 24-hour period. Get enough sleep, exercise, and balanced nutrition to keep your face happy and healthy!

Buy Only Natural Skin Care Products

We have to tell it to you straight; stop buying cosmetics and skin care products at the Happy Dollar store! Steer clear of their health and beauty creams and cleansers, which are loaded with fillers, alcohol, and parabens. You can get a rash just from reading the ingredients in the dollar store skin care aisle!

Instead, seek out natural skin care products because they are now surprisingly affordable, and you can find the some amazing anti-aging hyaluronic acid products for under $20. For example, the best oil for face rejuvenation, Argan Oil, retails for about $15.

Things are looking up in 2017, as long as you remember to take good care of your skin. No one is perfect, but you can have flawless skin if you work at it.