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How To Go Back To School With Your Best Skin Yet

Start your school year off on the right foot with an upgraded back to school skincare routine. Preparing for the adjustment can help you focus on your studies and not your skin issues.  

Get Committed 

Unless you make it a priority to remove all your makeup and thoroughly wash your face before bed, your nightly routine may become non-existent very quickly. If you tend to fall into bed after a party or pull all-nighters to study, it can be helpful to set your skincare products in a highly visible location instead of shoving them in a drawer or caddy. Cleaning your face after a long day not only allows your skin to recover but also helps you prepare mentally for whatever tomorrow holds.  

Don’t Compartmentalize  

Instead of thinking about skincare as something you only do at night, be mindful of what your skin endures throughout the day. Autumn air can dry out your skin early in the day, so moisturizing once in the morning or before bed is probably not enough. One of the best fall beauty tips is to use one of the best hydrating sprays this season to keep your skin glowing all day.  

Be Scientific

Advances are constantly being made in skincare. If your routine hasn’t changed at all in the past year or so, you could benefit from all the discoveries related to combating common skin issues like breakouts, scars and signs of aging. Take advantage of new developments such as: 

  • More clean formulas
  • Different active ingredients
  • Less fillers
  • Faster results 

You can find products you may not be aware of like hyaluronic acid and squalane oil for sale that can take your skincare to a whole new level.

When you’re after the best skin treatment to help you tackle this school year, contact us to find new, quality products and get ahead of the curve. Stop stressing about your skin so you can make the most of your classes.