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Can I use oil based products on my oily skin?

If you have naturally oily skin, you probably feel like you have to avoid using oil-based products. After all, it’s only reasonable that oily products will make your skin even more oily than it already is, right? Fortunately for you, this is a common misconception that couldn’t be more wrong. If you’ve been wondering “is Argan oil good for oily skin?” the answer is a resounding “Yes!”


 Why You Need Oil-Based Products

Natural oils are great for oily skin because they work with the body to provide just the right amount of moisture. When you deprive your body of moisture from outside sources, it’s forced to put its own oil production into overdrive. That’s right – the very steps you’re taking to minimize oil could be drying out your skin and causing it to produce even more oil. Oil-based products like hyaluronic acid oily skin serum can actually give your skin a break from its own overtaxed oil production processes. 

Keep in mind that the best face serums contain clean ingredients. You shouldn’t have trouble reading the ingredients’ list on any of your skincare products. 

What Your Skincare Routine Should Look Like 

If you have oily skin, you need to pay close attention to your skincare routine. Are you wondering “What should my skincare routine be?” Give this routine a try: 

  • Cleanse daily with a gentle, natural cleanser
  • Use a nourishing moisturizer without harmful chemicals
  • Apply a natural oil like Argan Oil Timeless to condition, protect and heal the skin

It may be hard at first to put oil-based products on your face, but you’ll notice the difference within a few days. Your skin will begin to look more youthful and will become more elastic than it once was. You may also notice a reduction in fine lines around your eyes and mouth. But the most surprising benefit will be a reduction in oiliness as your skin receives the hydration it needs from an outside source.