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Best Beauty Products To Bring With You On Spring Break

Going on a trip for spring break doesn’t have to mean a break from your beauty routine. You may not want to pack your complete collection of beauty items, but you can bring the essentials to stay looking great while on spring break. This spring break beauty checklist will help you know what to tote with you and what can be left behind:


You need to bring a good cleanser with you. Every day could be filled with adventure, which means oil or debris might end up on your face and you’ll want to wash it off each evening. Plus, every morning, you should give your face a gentle cleanse to refresh it for the day’s outings.


It doesn’t matter if you’re going somewhere hot and sunny or cold and windy, you need to pack a moisturizer so you can hydrate. After you cleanse, your face will need some hydration in the form of a light moisturizer. This keeps your skin soft and supple regardless of the conditions. But, don’t bring anything heavy. It will just make your face feel greasy and it will possibly clog your pores.

Facial Serum

To keep your face looking radiant and bright while on spring break, make sure you have a facial serum with you. A Vitamin C Serum is perfect for offering protection from the elements. A Hyaluronic Acid Serum is ideal if your skin looks like it needs a bit of a pick me up.

Timeless Skin Care offers the essential beauty products you need for a trip like a spring break vacation. We provide a line of beauty products that are gentle enough that they can be used every day. Try our Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which come in bottles that can easily be packed away in a travel bag.