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6 Summer Skin Care Dos and DON’Ts

Beach weather is almost here. Protect your skin from damage by following these six DOs and DON’Ts for the ideal summer skin care routine. 
  • DO Use Lightweight Serums

  • Put your moisturizing creams away for the summer and pull out your lightweight serums. Look for serums that contain squalane oil, which is a soothing, skin-replenishing ingredient that’s perfect for warmer months.

  • DON’T Shower in Hot Water

  • Heat can dehydrate the skin, so stay away from ultra-hot showers in the summer. Turning the temperature of the water down just 10 degrees can help your skin retain moisture and recover after a long day in the scorching sun.

  • DO Stay Away From Tanning Beds

  • You may be tempted to get a head start on your tan, but don’t ever compromise your skin’s health by baking it in a tanning bed. Instead, invest in a quality faux tanner and apply it regularly for best results.

  • DON’T Dehydrate Your Skin

  • It’s important to drink enough water to remain properly hydrated internally, but you should also hydrate your skin in the summer. Wondering how to know if your skin is hydrated? If it’s supple and snaps back when you pull on it, it’s well-hydrated.

    Hyaluronic acid for oily skin is a great skincare solution because it helps your skin retain moisture and discourages it from over producing its own oil. It can hold 1000 times its weight in water and it actively combats the damaging effects of the sun’s rays.

  • DO Use Sun Protection

  • The skin is a delicate organ that’s susceptible to damage from the sun. Protect it by applying a quality sunscreen product before going outside.

  • DON’T Forget to Heal Your Skin

  • After sun exposure, you can help your skin heal itself by applying soothing, rejuvenating ingredients like Aloe vera, squalane oil, and mineral water.

    Timeless Skin Care has skin-soothing squalane oil for sale at various times of the year. We also offer anti aging serums that can protect your skin from sun damage during the summer months.

    Check out our HA MATRIXYL 3000™ face sprays to keep your face feeling hydrated