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5 Ways Microneedling Can Change Your Skin

If you’re into the hottest trends in skincare, you might be dying to know what a vampire facial is. More formally known as microneedling, it is a quick and relatively painless treatment that can improve skin’s health and appearance naturally.

How Does it Work? 

You already know proper and regular exfoliation is necessary to prevent breakouts and unsightly blemishes and wrinkles. But you might not always have the time or means to invest as much into maintaining as you think you need. Using a microexfoliating roller, you can remove dead skin cells and stimulate its healing process and gain in a manner of minutes, these five benefits.


Scars are a pain to have and hide. Creams and surgeries often yield unexpected results. By stimulating the skin with a dermaroller that has microneedles, the increase in collagen production breaks down scar tissue, causing them to fade away.

Skin Tone Discolorations 

Skin discolorations and blemishes are enough to make anyone hate their appearance. A Micro Needle Dermaroller is very safe for all skin shades. This exfoliating process aids in the restoration of the upper layer of skin, restoring a natural and even tone. Dermarolling with clean skincare serums and creams enhance the delivery of nutrients to the skin. 


Wrinkles are a natural byproduct of aging, lifestyle and other factors for many people because their bodies are producing less collagen and elastin, making skin thinner. Regular use of a microneedle roller and proper skincare products boosts their production, giving skin a smoother and plumper look and texture.


Acne is incredibly difficult to control and prevent. It’s also one of the most common skin conditions. Dermarolling is very effective at increasing the efficacy and absorption of acne treatment products. It is important to distinguish when one’s acne is active and isn’t. Dermarolling should only be done when acne has subsided or during an inactive breakout period.

Flawless and healthy skin doesn’t have to be a full-time job. The right health and beauty products and advice can give you youthful skin for life. Timeless Skin Care is committed to clean health and beauty, we encourages you to contact us with any questions or concerns.