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5 Ways Argan Oil & Vitamin C Are Good For Your Skin After Sun Exposure

Haven’t heard of argan oil? It’s an exotic, aromatic liquid pressed from the nut of an indigenous Moroccan tree called the argan tree. In Morocco, argan oil for sale is used for naturally sourced skincare and haircare treatment. 

Together with Vitamin C, argan oil is a secret sensation that rocks for sunburn protection. Here are 5 reasons why you should use argan oil for sunburn:

Long Lasting Hydration 

The number one thing your skin needs after a sunburn is moisture; hydration is essential for skin cell operation and survival. Argan oil delivers moisture directly into skin layers and stimulates natural moisturizing. 

Anti-Inflammatory and Restorative Effects 

Argan oil contains a number of anti-inflammatory properties, soothing swelling and boosting collagen levels for improved healing. Vitamins A, E and C also assist in burn recovery and new cell creation. 

Reduction of Redness and Burning

Even after exposure, UV rays absorbed by the skin continue to burn. By infusing skin cells with soothing moisture and essential vitamins from argan oil and vitamin C, you cool skin layers down quickly, leading to a sharp drop in redness in hours.

Antioxidant UV Protection

Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, which offer amazing cellular protection against free radicals and UV rays. The ascorbic acid in vitamin C is also an excellent antioxidant. Together, they strengthen epidermal and subdermal cells both before and after sun exposure.

Skin Cell Survival

Is vitamin C good for sunburn? Absolutely. With the help of Vitamin C serum, there’s a good chance you can save skin cells, prevent peeling and lessen skin damage. Vitamin C may even help safeguard against skin cancer by keeping cell DNA safe.

The Best Cure Is Good Prevention 

You can also use argan oil sun protection preventatively; just apply a few drops on your skin in the morning or before heading out. 

Of course, the benefits of argan oil and Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum go way beyond sunburn and sun protection. Find out more about their curative and anti-aging properties by checking out other blog articles or contacting our helpful experts.