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5 Tips on How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated But Not Oily During the Heat

June 18, 2018


If you have oily skin, you may have struggled for years with the right skin care routine. In the summer, your quest for the right face care routine for oily skin can be even more difficult. Here are five essential tips to help your skin stay hydrated but not oily when the temperatures rise this summer.   

  1. Use Vitamin C Serum

First, start your routine each morning with an application of vitamin C serum. Using vitamin C for oily skin is an effective way to keep your skin from drying out when it gets hot outside. Because vitamin C is lightweight and not prepared with any types of creams, it doesn't make your skin feel oily.

  1. Focus on Moisturizing Specific Spots

Another idea to help stay hydrated without the oil is to focus on specific spots. Use hydrating eye cream around your eye area or lip region instead of a heavy moisturizer all over.

  1. Apply Hydrating Spray

Some people with oily skin have also found success with hydrating sprays, such as Timeless Ha Spray. A spray allows you to control the level of hydration you need without getting oily and reapply when the heat gets too extreme.

  1. Choose the Right Sunscreen

People with oily skin should also be careful about the kind of sunscreen they choose. Some products leave an oily residue on your skin. Talk to your dermatologist to get specific recommendations about the best products that offer protection without the weight.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Finally, don't forget to drink plenty of water this summer. If your body is properly hydrated, you can get one step closer to beautiful, hydrated skin without feeling oily.

For more help with a step by step skin care routine for oily skin, look toTimeless Skin Care for advice. Contact us to get details about the best products for your skin's needs.

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