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5 Skincare Changes Going From the Warm Seasons to the Cold

As the summer months give way to fall, and as the weather slowly goes from blistering hot to nice and cool, your skin may be exhibiting some strange behavior. Whereas yesterday it may have been oily and difficult to manage, today it feels dry and tight. This is despite the fact that you've been performing the same facial care routine for months now…or maybe it's because of it. Along with changes to your wardrobe, you also need to make changes to your skin care regime. If you want to maintain a glowing, moisturized complexion this season, use these five skin care tips for fall:


  1. Change Your Cleanser

Sweat and constant activity in the summer often call for an intense cleanser that is designed to rid your face of impurities and free the pores. As the heat dies down though, and as you begin to partake in more indoor actives than outdoor, you may need something a little gentler, and that will leave your skin more moisturized.

  1. Change Your Moisturizer 

You may have been using oil these past few months to keep your pores unclogged, but with fall on the way, it may be time to switch to a cream-based moisturizer. A strong moisturize can keep your face hydrated even as heaters, wind and dry air try to suck the moisture out of it.

  1. Hydrate!

During the transition to fall, it's more important than ever that you hydrate your skin. Use quality skin hydration products to correct the imbalance caused by the warring seasons.

  1. Exfoliate 

It's not uncommon for the skin to create less oil during the transition months and to become irritated by environmental factors, such as wind, rain and dropping temperatures. This can cause your face to look dull. You can bring back your glow with a regular exfoliation routine. 

  1. Pay Attention to Your Skin 

The best thing you do for your skin is to pay attention to it. Know how it reacts to changes in temperature and adjust your skin care regime to match what you're needing.

Use these fall beauty tips to maintain a glowing complexion year-round. To find Squalane Oil and other beauty products, shop Timeless Skin Care's line of products today.