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When we’re young, it seems like we can do anything and come out unscathed. Even trashing our body, which at the time probably doesn’t seem much like trashing.

Looking back to the 20s years from the 30s or 40s often includes memories of days and nights filled with pleasure. And, it can bring about regret and wishes for do-overs.

For those who aren’t already going through the learning experience of “I guess I shouldn’t have done that,” here are 3 things that no one tells you about your skin in your 20s.

  1. Long Days in the Sun Will Catch Up to You Big Time

 Those 20-something days spent glued to a beach towel with baby oil slathered all over are going to turn into days, decades later, that include wrinkly and dull skin.

While the reward of a hot tan is almost instantly gratifying, it does come with a price that might be noticed the next day, and will surely show up in middle age. 

  1. Tanning Beds Aren’t Safer Than the Sun

It’s hard to believe that tanning parlors still exist, but unfortunately the do. With so much information available today about how we expose ourselves to harmful UV rays, hopefully the dangers of tanning salons will spread and people will stop using them.

The amount of UVB rays (rays that cause burning) and UVA rays (rays that cause aging) that one is subjected to in a tanning bed is significantly more than spending an equivalent period of time outside. In fact, just one session in a tanning bed increases the risk of developing melanoma by 20%.

  1. Cigarettes Will Age Your Skin and Your Entire Body 

Cigarettes damage the lungs, but they also harm the skin. They inhibit collagen creation and that leads to lines and wrinkles.

Timeless Skin Care’s line of natural skin care products can help reverse damage done by the missteps of youth. Our anti-aging serums and Vitamin C Serum help heal skin problems caused by negligence. But, it’s best if these products are used in combination with careful thought about how our daily actions affect our body.