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10 Skincare Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Everyone wants gorgeously glowing skin. You may want that yourself, so you do everything within your power to care for your skin. You seem to do everything right, but you still are not getting the results you want. The problem, as it is for so many people, is that there are numerous skincare mistakes you may be making. You could be inadvertently doing more harm than good. Even with Timeless hyaluronic acid in your bathroom cabinet, which is designed with the best moisturizing and hydrating ingredients around, you still need to watch for acts that damage your skin. Here are 10 of the most common mistakes people make in their skincare routine along with how you can avoid them. 


Not Wearing Sunscreen

    Wearing sunscreen is essential for every time of the year. Unfortunately, far too many people only make it a part of their summer skincare routine. Exposure to UV rays increases your likelihood of developing skin cancer, and it also results in the signs of premature aging. Being out in the sun, even if it does not feel hot out, can result in fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

    The easiest solution to this problem is to wear sunscreen any time you go outside. No matter what time of year it is, you should apply a high-quality sunscreen. If you plan on applying a chemical sunscreen, then you want to put it under your makeup. If you want to use a physical sunscreen, then it should be the last thing you put on your face before you leave the house. 

    Failing To Reapply SPF

      Now that you know how important it is to wear sunscreen, you should also remember to reapply throughout the day. It does not matter how good your sunscreen is. It will not last for the entire day, which is a problem if you plan on being outside for hours on end. You do not want your efforts to be wasted because you forgot the importance of reapplication.

      Ideally, you should reapply sunscreen once every 60 to 90 minutes. You can set a timer on your smartphone if need be so that you remember. In the event you will be at the pool or by the beach for the day, then you should reapply sunscreen every time you get out of the water. You also want to make sure you have an SPF product to protect your scalp from UV rays.

      Not Using Moisturizer

        It may seem like you need an army of product to keep your skin healthy. While it is important to have products like the Timeless vitamin C serum on-hand that will help build collagen in your skin and even out your skin tone, you should never overlook the importance of a good moisturizer. Even if you live somewhere that is humid all the time, you still want to keep your skin hydrated. Ideally, you will use a moisturizer that does not contain alcohol.

        The easiest solution here is to purchase a high-quality moisturizer that you use every day. You can use an oil-based option if you prefer, but if you do not see the results you want, then you may want to opt for a water-based moisturizer.

        Ignoring Your Lips

          When it comes to skin care, most people focus on the cheeks, forehead and eyelids. However, your lips should also play a part in this regimen. Lips are incredibly susceptible to UV damage due to the fact they do not contain any melanin that ordinarily protects your skin. Failing to protect your lips will cause collagen in the area to break down faster, and you will soon notice your lips thinning sooner than you would like.

          The solution here is to use a lip care product that will protect your lips from the sun. A simple lip gloss or lip balm will not work. In fact, these products will actually hurt your lips even more because they tend to attract more sunlight to the area.

          Washing Your Skin With Bar Soap

            There are plenty of stores where you will find expensive bars of soap. They promise all kinds of benefits, but at the end of the day, you need to avoid washing with these soaps at all costs. They immediately strip all of the water from your skin. This instantaneously creates a buildup of dead skin cells. Even if you just used moisturizer, you will need to use it again to rehydrate your skin once you step out of the shower. The reason for this is that many soaps contain a high pH balance. 

            You want moisturizers and exfoliators as part of your skincare routine. You should also have a soap-free gel cleanser to keep in the shower for washing yourself. You should make sure it contains a mild solution and is free of sulfates and parabens. Gel cleansers will keep your skin looking healthy for much longer.


            Always Touching Your Face

              A lot of people touch and pick at their face out of nervous habit. This is usually a habit done out of stress. The problem with this is that you transfer bacteria and dirt from your hands to your face. It can also smudge your makeup, which you worked so hard to get right. In many cases, touching can lead to picking and poking at acne, which can lead to scarring.

              The first step in stopping this behavior is realizing you do it. You need to have enough strength to stop yourself when you start moving your hand to your face. You may need to substitute this behavior with something else, and every time you feel stressed, you floss your teeth or do some yoga.

              Sleeping With Your Makeup On

                You should always remember to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Failing to do so will result in blemishes breaking out. You work so hard to keep your skin looking nice, you do not want to ruin it just because you felt a little lazy at the end of the day. 

                An easy trick to remember to remove your makeup at night is to keep a container of makeup remover wipes on your nightstand. That way even if you flop into bed early, you will see them and remind yourself to take care of it. When you are already cozy in bed, it is hard to get back out, so make things easier on yourself. 

                Using a Tanning Bed

                  Everyone wants to look golden when they go to the beach. However, you do not want to rely on a tanning bed to get the results you want. You should not even use a bed to “build a base” as so many people do. Frequently going to tanning beds increases your risk of getting melanoma. Additionally, there is no such thing as a “base.” You are only damaging your skin. 

                  There are plenty of ways to get that summer glow you are looking for without putting your skin in harm’s way. There are body lotions and sprays you can use to get that nice, golden aesthetic you are looking for.

                  Forgetting To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

                    Your makeup brushes should not remain dormant for weeks on end. Over time, dead skin cells and bacteria will build up. You will apply these substances directly to your face, which will undo all the good you did with applying the makeup in the first place. Additionally, you will not see the results you want when you use makeup.

                    It is vital to wash your brushes at least once every two weeks. The best way to wash them is to utilize baby shampoo. This will get all of the residue makeup out as well as any lingering bacteria.

                    Not Drinking Enough Water 

                      There is a lot you need to do to your skin. From moisturizing to exfoliation, it may all seem like a lot. However, one of the best things you can do for your skin is to drink enough water every single day. When you are dehydrated, your skin dries out. It will begin to form lines. All the exfoliation in the world will not do you much good if you do not take care of yourself and hydrate often.

                      It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water daily. You should keep a water bottle by your side at all times so that you remember to drink throughout the day. It is also a good idea to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning before our cup of coffee. Caffeine dehydrates the skin, so you want to counter the effects quickly.

                      It is important to know how to fix skin problems quickly. However, you will do a lot of good by avoiding common issues in the first place. Once you know how to care for your skin properly, you will look wonderful all year long no matter what event you are going to. You can find all the skincare products you need online to maintain your beautiful complexion. Make sure to order them on-time so that you never have to go without your products.

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