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DIY Beauty Box

The Timeless DIY Beauty Box allows you to choose which five items you want inside. Use the drop-down selectors down below to personalize the Beauty Box for yourself or as a gift.


*All serums are the 1 oz size, Eye Creams are the 0.5 oz size, and Sprays are the 4 oz size. 

Customer Reviews

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Products that work! Finally.

I have purchased so many serums over the past year that did nothing. I noticed a change in my skin right away. In my box, I got C serum, B5, Matryxl 6 Synth and 3000, and the Co Enzyme Q. And I did the Hot and Flashy ph test myself. These products are the real deal and work and they are so much cheaper than some other products, I'm just smh when I think I spent three times as much for the same thing. Listen to the good reviews and if you can get anything, get the C serum and Co Enzyme Q, or read the website and get what works for you. but you can definitely save yourself some money by ordering the box. I chose exactly what I wanted for full-size products and saved money and shipping. Hope this helps someone else out there looking for the best products for the money.

DIY Beauty Box - good deal!

I ordered the DIY beauty box b/c instead of $26.95 per item, at $80/5 it comes out to $16 per item with free shipping! Great deal, great quality! Additionally, the first day I used the Coenzyme serum I dropped it and it broke on my tile bathroom floor! I was devastated and immediately started a chat with a Timeless rep......she was awesome! I sent her a picture and she immediately apologized and shipped a new one out to me! I received it in a few days. Awesome customer service! It was my fault for sure, but they go above and beyond to keep their customers!

Curated Skin Care

I’ve been using Timeless Skincare products for years. I love the CoQ, matrixal synthe 6; and the vitamin c is second to none. The diy beauty box is great for those who already know what they need and those who want to try new products. The savings in purchasing the beauty box is excellent. In my 40s it’s easy to notice the change in my skin with the daily use of these products. I love the squaline to help with my tretinoin peeling. The selection of antioxidants is exceptional. Timeless skincare is truly timeless.


I love all the products! I see a huge difference in my skin - softer, smoother within just a few days of using ! I’ll be recommending to everyone I know 💜

Excellent Products!!

I found this brand while researching skincare on YouTube. I have been using my products since 1/15/21 and what a difference they've made! I ordered the 20% Vitamin C/Ferulic Acid/Vitamin E, Matrixyl Synthe 6, Coenzyme Q10, Squalene Oil and Dark Circle Eye Cream. My order arrived in a couple of days which was impressive. The first three have made the biggest difference in the way my skin looks and feels. I use the Vit C and Co Q10 in my a.m. routine and the Synthe 6 in my p.m. routine along with the eye cream and Squalene. The most notable improvement has been from using the Matrixyl Synthe 6 Serum on my sagging marionette lines in the chin area . They sag no more, in less than two months! I thought I was stuck with these forever and I'm only 54! It has minimized other wrinkles on my face as well. Continuing my daily routine I have noticed that while my skin is still textured, it is less so. The eye cream doesn't seem to improve my under-eye puffiness but it does moisturize. I have been using Paula's Choice for more years then I care to count with not near the results that I've experienced with these products. I'm a convert and will stay that way. I love the products, the quick shipping and the price point. With using only a couple of drops each product these will last for several more months. Thank you Timeless!

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